5 Minutes with Chef Kirby Auret

Words: Jess Spiro

You may recognise Kirby Auret from Ultimate Braai Master but did you know that she’s a classically trained chef? She’s about to open her first restaurant, The Flying Boar in Vredehoek and we can’t wait to enjoy her delicious food.

You are cooking some of the best food in Cape Town at the moment. What has been your journey to get to this point in your career?

Kirby: Watching my mom cook and do events from a young age inspired me to get into the industry. Working crazy hours just for the feeling of achievement, not taking breaks because of wanting to produce the best. That commitment has gotten me to where I am today!

Has there been a defining moment in your career that made you realise that this is exactly what you are meant to be doing?

Kirby:  Working at The Test Kitchen and plating the food that I always admired.

How would you define your culinary style?

Kirby:  I don’t really have a particular style. I just love cooking with local ingredients and letting them speak for themselves without over complicating the dish. I do, however, like all my dishes to have somewhat of a wow factor when you look at them before tucking in!

What is your earliest food memory that you think inspired you towards this career?

Kirby:  When I was about 8-years old my parents ran a guesthouse called Bramble Lodge in George. My mom was the chef and allowed me to help to assemble the fruit plates in the morning for breakfast. I remember trying to fan out slithers of paw paw (old school I know!) and thinking, I just want to make it perfect! Over the years she taught me her ways – I wouldn’t be the chef I am today, if it wasn’t for her.

What is the best career advice you have ever been given? Who gave it to you?

Kirby:  Just go for it, don’t be afraid of criticism and follow your heart – Caron Auret (mom).

If you had all the time and money in the world, what would be your ultimate food day? What would you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Kirby:  Bacon and Banana French Toast with aged cheese for breakfast. Cheese and meat platters with all the different preserves and fresh warm bread for lunch and pizza for dinner, of course.

Most memorable meal? First fine dining experience at La Colombe – when chef Luke Dale Roberts was still there.

Top of your restaurant bucket list? DOM – Alex Atala.

Favourite way to end a busy day? A delicious goblet of Chardonnay.
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