4 Seriously Good Burger Recipes

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The origin of the humble hamburger is a long, twisted tale that is neither conclusive nor universally agreed upon. Some say that it is based on the Hamburg steak, a minced beef steak created in Germany that found its way to American shores with the influx of immigrants in the 19th century. The original concept was almost tartare-esque, as it was often served raw and with a raw egg. However, as with all great food stories, it evolved over time. The raw version became a cooked version and eventually, some bright spark sandwiched the patty between two pieces of bread to make it easier for people to eat. However it happened, it doesn’t really matter, we’re just glad that it did.

Over time the hamburger has become the quintessential concept of fast food, with cheap and nasty versions of it being lauded as the benchmark. Fortunately, though, all of that is changing – we’re living in a time where the pursuit of the perfect hamburger has become a sport. From how you prepare your patty to your choice of bun and of course toppings, every step is considered.

To celebrate the hamburger in all its glory, we’ve created four incredible versions that bring all those elements together. We give the burger in the spotlight it deserves.

Funky Lamb and Mushroom Sliders

Sliders! The ultimate way to eat more than one burger and not feel guilty. For this little quartet of goodness we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite things – lamb, goat’s cheese and mushrooms. The combo is a funky, earthy mix of flavours that cuts through the richness of the meat. These sliders are simple to make but they’ll impress the pants off whoever you’re cooking for. GET THE RECIPE

Beef and mushroom burger

Onion Overload Beef Burger

Onions are without a doubt one of the best burger toppings. They can be sweet, soft, tart, fresh, crispy or crunchy. This burger is our ode to the humble onion and we’ve taken the pairing to the next level with onions done three ways. The result is an orchestral onion apocalypse that will leave you wondering why every burger is not made with this much onion. GET THE RECIPE


Crunchy Asian Short Rib Burger

I can already hear the burger purists moaning that this is technically not a burger to which I say, it’s on a burger roll isn’t it? Yes we’ve taken a little creative license here but believe me after just one bite all your purist notions will fall away. This is one monster hunka hunka rib burger complete with crispy chips that send it into another realm of tasty. GET THE RECIPE


Spanish-ish Chicken Burger

Olé? Oh yeah! Say hello to our Frank-chooken-stein burger that’s somewhere between a burger and a paella. Why you may ask? Why not? That’s the beauty of the burger, it’s a blank canvas just waiting for tasty ideas. We love this combination of smoky chicken and the panko pops of fresh ocean mussels. GET THE RECIPE


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