Winter Special at Kyoto Garden Sushi

Words: Julie Velosa

Despite the cold weather and the need to wrap up from head to toe, winter in Cape Town does come with its benefits – namely specials at our favourite restaurants.

Kyoto Garden Winter Special 2019

Kyoto Garden Sushi has rolled out their seasonal special offering and we’re excited. The menu is innately Kyoto – deceptively simple, clean and utterly delicious. Diners can select from a choice of three starters and four mains and a choice of two delectable desserts from a set menu at a price of R230 per head, which also includes a glass of wine, as well as a tea or sake to end off. For value for money for a great evening out, you will be hard pressed to beat that.



For starters, we selected the yellowfin tuna tartare and the tempura vegetables. The tuna, like all of Kyoto’s seafood, was incredibly fresh and beautifully cut and is a lovely light way to start the meal. The tempura veg was fried to crisp perfection and came with the most incredible dipping sauce packed with ginger. Honestly, spinach and broccoli should always be served in tempura batter like this… there is simply no better way to make green veggies so positively mouthwatering.


For mains, we selected the sushi platter and the Duck Udon Noodles. Kyoto is known for serving authentic sushi (no kewpie mayo or cream cheese in sight). The sushi is beautifully balanced with the rice-to-fish ratio being exactly as it should be. You can tell the fish has been treated with respect and that the sushi has been made with skill.

The duck with udon noodles was one of those signature Kyoto dish – clean yet complex flavours, perfectly balanced and a treat to eat. It was exactly as warming and comforting as you would expect a bowl of noodles to be on a cold night. It is always incredibly gratifying in an Asian establishment to be able to to pick up the traditional noodle bowl and slurp away every last drop without anyone eyeballing you.


For dessert, we had one vegan chocolate ice cream and one miso. The miso ice cream is really a treat, like a next level salted caramel. The vegan choc ice cream was also an indulgent treat and both are great ways to end a clean-eating menu.

Kyoto is a busy little spot, so be sure to book in to take up this winter special. Enjoy your meal and perhaps finish it off with a warming shot of sake or a green tea before you head back out into the cold.

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