Wilderer Craft Distillery: The Spirit of the Cape

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Wilderer is South Africa’s first and most awarded craft distillery. Wilderer was established by master distiller, Helmut Wilderer, in Stellenbosch in January 1995 and today produces award-winning Gin, Grappa and Eaux de Vie. There are two premises in the vicinity of Paarl: one in Simondium and another on the celebrated Spice Route destination farm in Suider Paarl, each with its own restaurant.


Wilderer Distillery prides itself in their everlasting pursuit of producing the best possible quality. They work closely with the farmers throughout the year in order to receive the ideal raw materials. Fresh ripe, healthy and full of aroma, are some of the characteristics of their selected fruit and botanicals.

They carefully process, ferment and distil using German equipment of the highest technological standard. Under the keen eye and nose of the Distiller, they select only a few litres after a long production day to be branded “Wilderer”. Always in Helmut Wilderer’s true spirit, they craft the true Spirit of the Cape.

“Gut ding braucht weile” Good things take time, was one of Helmut Wilderer’s favourite mantras.

Award Winning Spirits

Having accrued over 70 international medals and awards, Wilderer Distillery has become synonymous with quality, artistry and integrity. They refuse to compromise when it comes to the integrity of the product. This is why every step in the process of creating their award-winning products is carefully monitored and completed with meticulous attention to detail. Wilderer produces some of the finest Grappa from the best available Muscat, Pinotage and Shiraz grapes.

Wilderer Gin

Produced in harmony with nature. The purest wine spirit, water from the Franschhoek mountains and unique Fynbos botanicals make this Cape Gin a true South African speciality.

Wilderer Fynbos Gin boasts a very well balanced assortment of herbs, spices and zest on the nose. On the palate, it reveals juniper berries and typical Cape Fynbos in stunning depth and complexity. To be sipped neat, mixed with quality soda or tonic water.

Join Wilderer at either of their two locations – Pappa Grappa (Simondiun) or La Grapperia (Spice Route) – and witness the distilling team performing their craft. Learn more about the production process or simply indulge in the tasting of their award-winning range of fine spirits.

Tasting options at Wilderer

Standard Tasting R30 per person; Grappa Tasting R50 per person; Gin Tasting R80 per person.

Wilderer Distillery & Ristorante Pappa Grappa
R45 Simondium

Wilderer Distillery & La Grapperia Pizza & Bistro
Agter Paarl road, Spice Route Wine Estate

Tel: 021 101 0378

wilderer.co.za | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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