Westfalia Fruit’s Contributions Are Making A Difference

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The impact of COVID-19 has been felt on so many levels worldwide. With vulnerable communities facing extreme hunger and poverty during the pandemic, Westfalia Fruit’s operations around the world have supported local charities and relief programmes in order to assist those in need.

Westfalia Fruit’sImage source: Adel Ferreira

Packed with nutrients

The high nutritional value of avocados makes them ideal for hunger relief programmes. During ‘normal’ times Westfalia is also a regular contributor to feeding schemes for local schools and nursing homes.

Assisting families in South Africa

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Group’s South African operations have stepped up support by donating avocados to programmes such as the Haenertsburg Relief Initiative in the Limpopo province, in partnership with Choice Trust and Rotary. Westfalia has also assisted NPOs like Eden Angels and Come to the Centre of Help, which feed 550 needy families in Gauteng.

Image source: Adel Ferreira

Holding hands with retail

Relief programmes initiated by retailers are also supported, including those by the Shoprite Checkers Group and Freshmark. Throughout the month of May, Westfalia partnered with Food Lovers Market for its World Hunger Month campaign. With every box of avocados sold, a cash donation was made to the Food Forward SA campaign, which assists in providing meals to vulnerable people.

The goal was to donate one million meals to those in need. This was indeed achieved and a total of 1 030 888 meals were donated by Food Lovers Market during this period.

Westfalia making a difference worldwide

Image source: Adel Ferreira

In South America, Westfalia Peru has donated over half a ton of avocados to local communities including to NPOs like the Peru Childhood Association, Inspira and Kantaya, and to the Peruvian police force.

UK subsidiary Greencell continues to donate fresh produce, including citrus and avocado, to the Fresh Produce Network, which provides fresh fruit to local care homes. Greencell similarly supplies produce into a box scheme in support of NHS staff who may have a difficult time shopping between shifts. The company has also provided undergarments to patients being discharged from William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, for those who are not fortunate enough to have close relatives to care for them.

Westfalia Fruit remains committed to making a difference and doing good across the globe during these challenging times.

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