Truffle Infused Gin

Words: Crush

It has taken 3 years in the making and finally KWV has launched its own super-premium London dry boutique gin, hand crafted for a ‘new world’ gin drinking experience.

Cruxland is made from the highest quality 100% grape spirits infused with nine exotic signature botanicals, including rare Kalahari N’abbas (truffles).

To produce this truly original hand crafted small batch London Dry gin the spirit is double distilled in batches in small copper pot stills. The highest quality neutral grape spirit is used and it is distilled with spices and the best quality botanicals from South Africa and abroad – namely juniper berries, honey bush tea, coriander, rooibos, aniseed, cardamom, almonds, lemon and Kalahari truffles.

Kalahari truffles only grow in the Kalahari after the first rains so they had to wait for that in order to get the volumes they needed to produce the truffle infused gin.

Cruxland unlocks these original characterful flavours resulting in a world-class gin that is complex in taste and extra smooth in finish giving a soft mouth feel and contains no esters and fatty acids that can influence the taste of the botanicals used.

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