The Sweet Life with Natura Unrefined Sugars

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Let’s face it, sugar has received a lot of attention lately and a fairly bad rap too. There is however good news afoot for those who enjoy a life more sweet – Natura Sugars, a range of unrefined sugars, has just been launched in South Africa.

Natura Sugars are crafted from lush, ripe canes cultivated in Mauritius, and while this Indian Ocean island has become famous for its tourism, sugar cane is an important part of its history. Dutch settlers first introduced sugar cane in 1639 and the industry has grown to become a significant part of the culture of this tropical island.


So what is unrefined sugar? It is important to note that unrefined sugar is not to be confused with brown sugar, as not all brown sugars are unrefined. Some brown sugars are simply white sugars with molasses syrup added back, or partially refined sugar.


Natura Sugars are truly unrefined raw sugars, which means they contain molasses within and around the crystals. For decades, molasses had been considered an ‘impurity’ which had to be removed, when in fact all the goodness of sugarcane lies in the molasses. Unlike refined sugars, Natura Sugars are neither bleached nor irradiated, which would normally remove all traces of colour. As a result, each individual sucrose crystal is left chemically unaltered and as natural as possible with the molasses-rich outer coating carefully preserved.


Natura Sugars have a rounded taste and superior flavour and aroma. The fuller flavour makes them less addictive than their refined counterparts – a little goes a long way.

Of course, sugar should always be consumed in moderation, but with Natura Sugars you can be empowered to take control of your sugar intake and make smarter choices.

Click on the images below to find recipes made using Natura Sugars.

pavlova_cake_300x300 mousse_cups_300x300 tea_biscuits_300x300 petit_fours_300x300

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