The Refreshed Menu at ON19 Restaurant at The Westin

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Recently the Westin Cape Town’s ON19 restaurant launched its refreshed menu. Celebrity chef, Siba Mtongana, who is an ambassador for the hotel, spoke about the latest international food trends.

“Health is a huge consideration when it comes to food world wide. That is why it’s important we make sure whatever we are advising or influencing people to eat, that we have health in mind,” said Siba. A new research paper published in the Lancet shows that South African women are among the most severely obese population groups in the world. Also South Africa has the highest overweight and obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa. “These are alarming statistics, and why I was so pleased to see that the new ON19 menu is filled with superfoods which are a big worldwide trend.”

Siba expanded on the growing popularity of superfoods, which are foods that are considered nutrient dense and full of health promoting antioxidants, phytochemicals and a whole lot more. She highlighted the growing trend of international chefs experimenting with these ingredients to encourage overall good health. She also warned when creating superfoods menus, care needs to be taken with excessive use of sugar and other ingredients that take away the nutritional value of these superfoods.

Westin Hotels are the first hotel chain to create a superfoods-focused menu, aligning with their commitment to overall well-being and ‘eat well’ philosophy. The Westin Cape Town takes great pride in providing healthy alternatives to guests with their quality food – assisting with optimal nutrient balance.
At the launch of the refreshed menu, Chef De Cuisine for ON19, Anerith Smythe, treated guests to tasters of the various dishes on the refreshed menu, which included lamb and goats cheese fritters with rhaita, apple& fennel home cured salmon with ginger soil, and chestnut gnocchi with confit duck, forest mushroom and white wine buerre blanc.

The dishes also included fresh herbs and edible flowers grown by the restaurants very own rooftop herb garden, speaking to the rising trend of ‘farm to plate’ style dining. The garden enables the chefs to provide organic ingredients that are free from harmful pesticides. “The variety lets us embrace creativity by exploring wild ingredients with interesting flavours and textures that our guests won’t find anywhere else,” said Smythe.

Siba is big believer in fresh ingredients and encourages people to visit their local markets. “I get so excited when I see people shopping for fresh ingredients at the market. It really is the great place to find quality, seasonal and locally sourced produce.” She also spoke on winter comfort food, but urged to keep health top of mind. “When I think of the cold months, I think of a warm fire and hearty food, but we must start thinking healthy meals even in winter.”

To view the full new ON19 menu, visit To make a booking, call 021 412 9999.

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