The Glenwood Bakery

CRUSH VISITS - 4th March 2014

Bread, pizza, ice cream or even a Saturday Eggs Benedict – this artisan bakery has it all.

Opening hours:
Open Tuesday - Friday: 6:00am - 3.30 pm, Lunch from 10:00am to 3pm. Saturdays: Open from 6 am to 1 pm.

298 Esther Roberts Rd. | Glenwood | Durban

+27 72 614 6081 | e w


Words by Nikita Buxton

Images by Xavier Vahed

Like the comfort of your own home, the come-hither aromas of freshly baked bread and delicious coffee greet you as you walk in to this bakery. It’s the calm before the storm of a busy day, with customers quietly reading newspapers and all you can hear are the satisfying sounds of spoons clinking in cups and crispy croissants being broken apart. Welcome to The Glenwood Bakery.
Whether you live in Durban or you’re just passing by, a visit to this little bread haven is a must. This hip gem, situated in the artistic suburb of Glenwood, is an artisanal bakery that will make you fall in love with bread all over again.
From the bustling streets of Paris and London to a somewhat calmer venture in the Midlands KwaZulu Natal, chef Adam Robinson, the inspired hands behind Durban’s bread movement, so to speak, has settled in this revolutionary bakery.
They describe themselves as a ‘product of the bread revolution’. The breads which the Glenwood Bakery produce are all formed by hand, slow fermented baked in a hearth oven resulting in the best thing since sliced…well…you get the picture.
These breads will satisfy any craving – complex aromas and flavours that make you want another bite, it is no wonder that this bakery is as popular as it is. The choices are endless; from the classic ciabatta and baguette to a deliciously sweet and moreish potato and rosemary loaf and an aromatic onion and bay bread. Don’t even get us started on the croissants… oh the croissants! Pop in for a midweek sandwich of Midlands goats cheese, rocket and roast tomato in half baguette, or just grab a loaf to take home for supper.
Not only does The Glenwood Bakery supply you with your daily bread. By night they also make pizzas. On Monday evenings, you can enjoy a delicious, crisp based pizza topped with fresh ingredients, made on site, and baked in a wood-fired oven ‘market style’, and fuss free.
Don’t forget dessert. To top it all off, this jack-of-all-trades-bakery can even supply you with heavenly, homemade ice cream with flavours like chocolate malt or salted caramel.
Bread, pizza, ice cream or even a Saturday Eggs Benedict – this artisan bakery has it all.

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