How the Table Bay is Navigating the Water Crisis in Cape Town

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With the current water crisis in Cape Town and the fact that the city is about to burgeon with holidaymakers over the busy festive season, water resources are going to become increasingly constrained. Everyone – from locals to holidaymakers and businesses to individuals – must be mindful about how they use this scarce and precious resource. There is just no room for wastage.water crisis in Cape Town

How The Table Bay is responding to the Water Crisis in Cape Town

Invested in every drop, The Table Bay at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront has intensified its efforts to conserve water in the wake of the crisis. These have helped the hotel to keep water consumption during peak occupancy periods similar to that of its lowest occupancy periods. The goal is to keep this status quo even as the hotel welcomes an influx of holidaymakers for the summer.

Reusing Grey Water

The Table Bay saves water in several ways. Some of these include a grey water system in place to recycle water from the kitchens for reuse elsewhere on the property such as for flushing toilets and irrigating the gardens, as well as a second collection system which recycles backwashed water, and returns it to the swimming pool.

Water Efficient Fittings

Water and energy efficient showerheads have been installed in the guest rooms, and flow restrictors are installed on taps in the kitchens.Water Crisis Cape Town

Replanting with Waterwise Plants

To improve the water efficiency of the hotel’s gardens during the water crisis in Cape Town, water-wise plants are being planted; with the hotel’s flowering plants being replaced with succulents which require less water. In addition, the irrigation system in the garden beds at the main entrance has been replaced with a drip system which reduces water consumption significantly.

Reducing Laundry

Because every little bit helps, linen in guest rooms is only changed per stay or alternatively every third day to curb water use in the laundry. In the restaurant and dining areas, tablecloths – which need to be washed daily – have made way for placemats.

Educating Guests

But while these interventions form the foundation of The Table Bay’s water conservation drive, its people and those who visit the hotel are playing an important role in saving water too. Employees have been trained to apply water smart behaviours in their daily tasks and hotel guests are encouraged to be water conscious while staying there.

“From the moment of arrival to departure we encourage our guests to join us in our efforts to use water sparingly.  Notices throughout the hotel remind guests about our water saving campaign and offer easy tips for reducing water consumption.

“Being a five-star hotel with a vast international, green-conscious clientele, we have found that guests are very willing to participate in our efforts because they see it as taking positive action towards the environment,” says Joanne Selby, General Manager at The Table Bay.

Tips for Water Saving

So if  you’re visiting during the water crisis in Cape Town, remember to do your bit to reduce how much you use:

  •      Shower instead of bathing
  •      Keep your showers short
  •      Switch off the tap when brushing your teeth; don’t leave it running
  •      Hang up your bath towel for reuse
  •      Opt to have your linen changed less often

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