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The Cape’s natural beauty is one of the things that makes this area so special. Positioned between striking mountains and azure ocean, as well as being home to a completely unique floral kingdom, it really does have it all. To take full advantage of everything on offer we recommend that you rise and shine early and get a super start to your day the Nutrific way. Are you ready to find your zen? Perhaps you prefer a little adrenalin with your breakfast? Whatever you’re after, we guarantee you’ll find a way to kickstart your day with these morning activities in Cape Town.

Supercharge your Day with these Morning Activities in Cape Town

Go Kayaking With Penguins

You probably already know that you can take a wander down to Boulders Beach to see the penguins but how about a  once in a lifetime experience of kayaking with them? Take a guided paddling tour from Simon’s Town around False Bay, encounter frolicking seals on the way, get a close-up view of the naval vessels and then paddle up close to the penguins.

This is a fun morning activity for the whole family, no experience is required and is the perfect morning pick-me-up. The kayaks are stable tandems, each taking two people, so kids can hop in with a parent and enjoy this activity too.

Time: 08h30 summertime departure | 09h00 winter departure
Price: R350 pp

Take a Guided Morning Hike

hike in cape townCape Town has some of the best hiking trails in the world, with gorgeous indigenous fynbos and views of the surrounding mountains and ocean. If you’ve always wanted to hike but feel a little inexperienced or nervous, a guided hiking tour is the answer. Hike Addicts is a local company that will take you on guided hiking expeditions up and around Table Mountain, as well as the smaller trails like the Pipe Track and Lion’s Head.

Hike Addicts will take you on a journey through nature with vistas that will take your breath away.

This is an awesome way to experience ecotourism right on your doorstep while getting to know the various tracks and routes in a safe way.

Time: Varies on what trail you choose
Price: Dependant on route

Learn to surf in Muizenberg

Morning Activities in Cape TownSurfers from all over the world come to Cape Town to surf the waves of the Atlantic ocean. Surfers are known to be quite territorial about their waves, which can make it intimidating for beginners to get to grips with the basics. Fear not though, Muizenberg is the perfect place to brush up on your ‘surferese’ (beachy lingo) and learn under the guidance of knowledgeable and friendly professionals.

Surf Emporium Surf School welcomes all skill levels and ages and with a few lessons (and probably a few bails) you’ll work your way from lowly kook to bonafide wave rider.

Time: Open from 07h00 – 14h00
Price: From R260 – R390 (1.5-hour private lessons)

Take a Refreshing Morning Dip In The Ocean

Locals have secretly been dipping into the chilling Atlantic waters for years, but ever since The Goop Lab’s episode on the Wim Hof Method & Cold Therapy, people have been flocking to the beaches to take early morning ice-cold dips, usually preempted by meditation and a deep breathing session. Immersing yourself in cold water has distinct health benefits and people are taking advantage of this at spots like Camps Bay Tidal Pool, Barley, Glen, Clifton, Beta and Bakoven beaches.

It’s a shock to the system for sure but the proposed health benefits seem to far outweigh those few seconds as you acclimatise. Local mermaids and mermen swear by it – you only have to see them blue-lipped and shaking yet totally exhilarated under the heaters at local coffee shops to know. This is a free and fabulous way to kickstart a productive day. When you’re back home and have fully defrosted, tuck into a bowl of Nutrific for a really well-rounded start to your day. #nutrificsa 

Paraglide over the Atlantic Ocean

Morning Activities in Cape TownThat ginger shot not quite giving you the kick you need? How about taking it up a notch with a shot of adrenaline instead? A morning paraglide over the city is probably one of the more tempered but still exhilarating dare devil-type activities you can do. Your journey starts from Lion’s Head or Signal Hill (depending on the direction of the wind that day); you’ll be in the expert hands of professionals who will teach you some guidelines but will be in control of everything (phew!).

All you have to do is hold on while your skilled pilot glides you effortlessly over the city until you reach your landing destination, the Sea Point promenade. No experience is required but a bit of guts helps!

Time: 08h00 – 18h00
Price: R 1,300 + R300 for video and photos. CPT locals: R1000 + R250 for video and photos.

Get Your Morning Coffee

Morning Activities in Cape TownCapetonians love anything that is specialised – the obsession with craft beer, artisanal chocolate and specialty coffee doesn’t seem to be diminishing at all.

There are the well-known industry stalwarts like Truth, Origin, Haas, Rosetta and Deluxe, who have been around for some time, as well as newer and more niche spots like Moses Coffee at Makers Landing, OKJA in Camps Bay, Molweni Coffee on Orange Street and The Homestead of Perpetuity in Hout Bay.  There are a plethora of trendy urban spots to choose from, so pick your poison and head on over to your fav spot. This quintessential way to start the day will never get old and that’s a fact.

Learn how to SUP at the V&A

Morning Activities in Cape TownA great core workout! Scratch that, a great workout in general. SUPing is short for stand up paddleboarding and if you’re not sure what that means, it’s exactly as it sounds. You stand up on a longboard and use a paddle to push yourself through the water. You can choose from two fun options, a self-guided SUP through the V&A Waterfront’s canals or a guided SUP out on the open ocean. If you’re new to SUPing the wiser option is to try it out on the calm, flat waters of the canals first.

Once you’ve mastered the art and found your balance, you can choose to SUP out at sea on a guided tour along the Atlantic Seaboard coastline – if you’re lucky, you may possibly see some friendly seals. All equipment is provided, so engage that core and get going!

Time: May differ depending on the day
Price: From R150 pp

Watch the Sunrise on Signal Hill

Cape Town is lucky enough to benefit from the most incredible sunsets, with popular viewing sites all around the city, however, have you ever thought about getting up to watch the sunrise? Signal Hill is just one of the many spots that you can take in this marvel of the morning. The spot has a glorious view of the city below out over Robben Island, the Waterfront and beyond.

Grab a yoga mat and a buddy and head off to catch it as it comes up over the horizon. On a good day the sky will be brushed with nature’s watercolours of pink and orange and your sun salutations will be all the more meaningful, we promise. Hot tip: pack in your Nutrific brekkie and a flask of coffee, what better way to greet the day? Don’t forget to snap your #supermornings and share on social. 

Get Zen at a Morning Yoga

Morning Activities in Cape TownOn selected Fridays at the Baptiste Rooftop in Camps Bay (top of the Marly Boutique Hotel), morning yoga classes are offered.  With a 360-degree view of Camps Bay beach, Lion’s Head and Twelve Apostles, this one-hour, intimate Vinyasa flow is the perfect way to get your zen in before tackling a busy day.

After the class is done you can book a follow-up breakfast on the rooftop deck. Admittedly, after such a lovely start to the day, it may be hard to get into a work frame of mind, but Friday is practically the weekend, right?

Time: 07h00-08h00
Price: R150 pp

Book here

Go Horseback Riding in Noordhoek

Have you ever taken a meander along Chapman’s Peak Drive and seen folks cantering on horseback across Long Beach and wondered wistfully if you could join them? Well, you can!  Experience a glorious morning horseback ride along the 8km stretch of pristine Long Beach shoreline.

Backed by National Park-protected wetlands, this excursion is not only beautiful but is a great way to experience this vast expanse of coastline, which by foot is quite a trek.

Rides are suitable for both novice and expert levels of experience. Once you’re done, take advantage of all the cute cafés, restaurants and charming local shops that Noordhoek has to offer. #supermornings

Time: Three departure times 09h00, 12h30 and 16h00.
Price: Enquire for prices.

Go Waterbiking

Water…whaaat? Yip, it’s true, you can actually walk, or rather ride on water. This activity suits all fitness levels and from ages 13 and up. Take a 1-hour guided pedal across the oceans; you’ll head from a launch spot off Simon’s Town pier towards the penguins at Boulders and continue along the coastline, passing the naval base as you head back.

A boat with friendly tour guides will be chugging alongside you, so assistance is there if you need it. What’s great about water biking is that you are essentially above the water, so you can stop to snap pics and you can see the sea life (Cape fur seals, birdlife, penguins and more) from an elevated position.

If you can ride a bike on land you can do it on water too, so get pedalling!

Time: Slots begin at 07h30 and continue throughout the morning. Last departure at 13h30.
Price: R 490 pp (on special for R390 at the moment!)

Head to the Elgin Railway Market

Feel like a change of scenery and maybe a slower pace? Then set your alarm for early and take a jaunt out to the Railway Market in the picturesque Elgin Valley. If you time it just right, you can be there to grab your first coffee as the doors open (08h00 on weekdays for the Steam Café and 9h00 on weekends for the full market). The venue itself is architecturally beautiful, built by Italian prisoners of war in the 1950s and previously used as an apple storage warehouse.

Now converted with a funky steampunk-esque vibe, it’s a must-visit destination.

Browse through the various stalls, pick up fresh produce and nosh on tasty food across a variety of styles. The Ceres Rail Company runs steam train routes from Cape Town to the market on weekends but these have been on hold due to Covid. The good news is that they are aiming to be running this route again in May of this year, so watch this space. Arriving by steam train is the ultimate in country style!

Time: 09h00 on Saturday and Sunday

Be the best version of yourself by starting each day the right way – a healthy Nutrific breakfast, an inspiring activity and a positive outlook ensure that every day is supercharged and successful. Today is your day and it’s waiting for you! | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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