Sugarbird Gin Launches New Festive Packaging Plus a Special Christmas Gift

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Nzeka Biyela and Rob Heyns, the founders of the League of Beers, South Africa’s online craft beer store, and the distilling experts, Kelly and Mark Goldsworthy launched Sugarbird Gin late last year.

Sugarbird Gin Making Waves

Since its inception in 2017, it has already been making waves in the South African gin market. It was launched through a crowdfunding campaign which by the end saw the brand breaking the South African crowdfunding record.

It also recently scooped up a gold award in the ‘Distilled’ category at the 2018 Vitis Vinifera Awards so it’s safe to say that Sugarbird Gin is set to keep soaring.

Sugarbird Gin
Sugarbird Gin

A New Festive Look

Sugarbird® Gin is launching its new gift packaging just in time for the upcoming festive season. The packaging is a beautiful expression of the brand and its story, coming paired with tonic water for you to crack open and start enjoying straight away and priced at R349. More exciting news, they are also launching a new 1L bottle which comes with its own unique story.

The new exciting addition to the Sugarbird Gin family is the gin bauble which is a fun seasonal offering exclusive to Makro stores. The pack contains 5 colourful baubles each containing 40 ml of Sugarbird® Fynbos Gin, roughly a single shot of gin.

Once emptied, they can be rehung as decorations for your Christmas tree.

The products with the exception of the baubles are available from most liquor retailers like Makro, Ultra Liquors and Norman Goodfellows as well as online from Yuppiechef. For more info check out their website where they are constantly updating their stockists page with new locations.

The craft gin with its state of the art label design stands out on any shelf and it compliments the true essence of the gin.

sugarbid gin

Support local entrepreneurs

The Sugarbird is about flying and letting others fly. They see entrepreneurship as both a vehicle for positive change as well as a way of creative expression.

With every bottle sold they contribute towards various projects that they aim to empower entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Although they work with all entrepreneurs, their focus is on women, previously disadvantaged people and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their community or the environment.

Their current initiative is in partnership with the Koi group. Every 1000 bottles sold affords a place for an aspiring entrepreneur to attend a 4 day, 2 part boot camp that helps with ideation, team formation, starting and financial management toward profitable cash flow generation.

They launched an Entrepreneurial Mission in partnership with Koi Group because entrepreneurship is dear to their hearts. With every bottle sold they contribute towards empowering entrepreneurs in South Africa.

More about Sugarbird Fynbos Gin

Sugarbird Gin was born out of an entrepreneurial wish to bring affordable and delicious tasting gin to all. This gin is also a vehicle for female entrepreneurs and offers bursaries to further their skills and launch their innovations.

“I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurship as a vehicle for creative expression and positive change. The idea of Sugarbird Gin inspiring creativity and entrepreneurship in others fuelled me to help bring this product into the public eye”, says Sugarbird co-founder, Rob Heyns.

Sugarbird Gin
Sugarbird Gin

Tasting notes

Sugarbird Gin is a testament to the many flavour notes of South Africa indigenous flora and distillery methods and has a bouquet of fynbos, rooibos, honeybush, rose geranium and the Cape May Flower (sourced by botanists from Table Mountain).

What makes Sugarbird® Gin unique is its perfect balance between floral and citrus notes.

Whereas other gins lean towards one flavour or the other, Sugarbird® Gin embodies both its ingredients and is perfectly balanced to bring you a taste that’s as good – if not better – on its own as it is when mixed.

This gentle-bodied gin is made for every day sipping. The taste is subtly reminiscent of a London Dry, but offers a sweeter note on the finish for a lasting flavour experience.

Use Sugarbird Gin to make this delish Gin & Tonic With A Twist. | Facebook

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