Striped Horse Craft Beer

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Striped Horse is an exciting African craft beer by Grant Rushmere, the founder of BOS Ice Tea and Afro Coffee, along with entrepreneur and ex-game ranger, Charles Bertram. In combining European expertise and African enthusiasm, Striped Horse brings beer connoisseurs a Lager and a Pilsner conceived with passion and brewed with personality.

“I believe that Striped Horse captures the spirit of the modern day explorer and the lovely eclecticism that is Africa – where cultures combine and a fantastic blending of worlds occurs. That is the magic of this place and our hope is that Striped Horse highlights the potential of discovering that inspiration,” says Rushmere. “The craft beer market is set to continue to grow and we hope that Striped Horse is one of the key drivers of that growth. There truly is a beer renaissance gathering momentum as the grip of the formulaic beer giants loosens and, at long last, the nectar gets the treatment it deserves.”

For Striped Horse it has been impossible not to wade in and contribute to this contemporary return to the roots – which is why they are excited to bring the watering hole to you in the form of their crisp, refreshing beers, perfect for those hot African days… and nights! Legend has it that their horse got his stripes fighting a baboon for a thirst quenching drink at a watering-hole. The baboon came off second best and got a swift kick in the rear end which landed him high up on a rocky koppie. Today the baboon still sports a purple bottom from that unfortunate event and continues to roam in higher rocky outcrops. The horse did not come off unscathed  from the battle though, he fell into the baboon’s fire, marking his beautiful white coat with black-as-coal stripes. Fortunately, these days it’s not that hard to quench an African thirst. And with Striped Horse premium craft beer, it’s about to become even more enjoyable.

Striped Horse Craft Beer

Striped Horse Lager pairs a layered malt complexity with perfectly balanced hops to create textured, yet easy drinking refreshment – the ultimate African thirst-quencher.

Striped Horse Pilsner is the true queen of beers, both elegant and voluptuous. Its complex, hoppy nose, subtle citrus undertones and balanced bitterness on finish, make for the perfect food beer. NEWSFLASH! Recently awarded Gold at the inaugural National Beer Trophy awards. 

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