Ready in a Ding! 10 Simple & Tasty Air Fryer Recipes

Words: Robyn Samuels

If you think about it, air fryers are just Easy Bake Ovens for adults – not that we’re complaining. Air fryers have made cooking easier for busy parents, students and lazy cooks around the globe. This nifty appliance will save you power, time and money by not having to spend as much on cooking oil, while providing healthier meal solutions. You could virtually air fry anything – meat, potatoes and beyond. If you’re ready to take your air fryer game to the next level, look no further. These meals are deceptively easy to make and will be ready in a ding. From meaty mains to banging sandwiches to vegetarian delights, we’ve gathered 10 simple and tasty air fryer recipes for you. And for our fellow sweet-tooths out there, we’ve also included some irresistible air fryer dessert recipes. You’re welcome!

Lunch & Dinner Air Fryer Recipes

Make lunch or dinner in a flash with these no-fuss air fryer recipes.

Triple Decker Croque Monsieur with French Fries

Sandwiches have a firm place in our hearts, and this Triple Decker Croque Monsieur is top-tier! Air fryers are your best friend when it comes to making classic grilled cheese, prawn toast and even this Triple Decker Croque Monsieur. Layers of gypsy ham, Gruyère cheese, wholegrain mustard and a velvety Mornay Sauce – this stacked beauty is chef’s kiss.

Recipe for Triple Decker Croque Monsieur with French Fries

Spicy Fish Goujons with Rosemary Straw Chips

There’s nothing South Africans love more than a good parcel of fish ‘n tjips, but it can sometimes be a little oily for our preference. Air frying your crumbed hake fillets ensures you get a crispy exterior, while the interior remains flaky and soft. After seasoning and breading your hake, cook it in the air fryer till golden brown. Cut potatoes into straw-like chips, this will reduce cook time and you also end up with ‘more chips’ on your plate.

Recipe for Spicy Fish Goujons with Rosemary Straw Chips

Miso Glazed Aubergine with Vegan Miso Mayo

Aubergines are one of the most versatile veggies you could have in your kitchen. We love this umami-packed Miso Glazed version as a light lunch or side dish served alongside protein mains. If your air fryer basket is large enough, you might be able to fit all the aubergines in at once – remember to score them, this will reduce the cook time while ensuring the Miso Glaze is evenly spread. Another air fryer hack is using halved baby aubergines. While your aubergines are going in the air fryer, whip up some tasty Vegan Miso Mayo and dollop it over your deliciously Glazed Aubergines once ready.

Recipe for Miso Glazed Aubergine with Vegan Miso Mayo

Bulgar Wheat, Kale & Halloumi Salad with ClemenGold Dressing

Still waiting for your oven to heat up? Save yourself trouble and money by using your air fryer instead. This bulgur wheat, crispy kale and halloumi salad is perfect for getting the most out of your air fryer. Halloumi only needs a couple of minutes before it begins to caramelise and bubble; simply cut it into even slices and brush it with a little olive oil. Toss your kale in the bottom compartment at the same time you start air frying your halloumi – make sure to keep an eye on both, the last thing you want is burnt bits. Once crispy, mix your kale and bulgur wheat together and top with warm halloumi slices, toasted almonds and sesame seeds – reel in those flavours with zesty dressing for a divine meal.

Recipe for Bulgar Wheat, Kale & Halloumi Salad with ClemenGold Dressing

air fryer recipes
air fryer recipes

Lamb Meatballs with Herby Yoghurt, Hummus & Toasted Pita

Definitely one of our favourite mid-week air fryer recipes. Meatballs are perfect for family meals, plus there are so many ways to serve them – you could do meatballs with tomato bredie and mash, spaghetti or frikkadelles as a simple, tasty snack – the options are endless. For mid-week convenience, serve it with delicious hummus; store-bought or homemade – no judgement here. Although air fryer baskets are smaller than an oven tray, you could fry a couple of meatballs at a time but make sure not to overcrowd the basket. Air fry them till they form a nice brown crust on the outside while still juicy on the inside. Scoop up the yummy hummus and meatballs with toasted pita pockets.

Recipe for Lamb Meatballs with Mint & Coriander Yoghurt, Hummus & Toasted Pita

Spicy Korean Drumsticks

After a long day of work, dinner is the last thing you want to fuss about. This air fryer recipe ticks all the boxes – it’s spicy, flavourful and best of all, it doesn’t need much time to cook. Pair with a tasty salad for a full meal and pray that there will be leftovers for lunch.

Recipe for Spicy Korean Drumsticks

Air Fryer Dessert Recipes

Indulge in these easy-to-bake teatime treats.

air fryer dessert recipes
air fryer recipes

Breakfast Puff Pastry Windmills with Cherry Glaze

Breakfast Puff Pastry Windmills are the ideal teatime treat; we’ve given these a deliciously fruity twist using Cherry Glaze – feel free to use jam or preserve if you don’t have access to fresh cherries. We love that these yummy bakes are ready to gobble after in no time. Shaping them into windmills might look as if it requires pastry chef skills, but they’re super easy to make and will impress the family!

Recipe for Breakfast Puff Pastry Windmills with Cherry Glaze

ClemenGold Sticky Buns with Cream Cheese Drizzle

These zesty ClemenGold Sticky Buns are the best way to repurpose that leftover dough you’re not sure what to do with, but are also worth making a batch from scratch. Simply brush the stretched-out dough with browned butter; sprinkle evenly with cinnamon sugar and grated ClemenGold zest before rolling it up and portioning into pin-wheels. Depending on the size of your air fryer, you might have to make it in two batches, alternatively, save half the dough for the next day. Load parchment paper into the air fryer basket and grease it for easy removal. Once baked, generously add Cream Cheese Drizzle, roughly chopped hazelnuts and more zest, and enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea – whatever you fancy!

Recipe for ClemenGold Sticky Buns with Cream Cheese Drizzle

Baked Plums with Spicy Ginger Biscuit Crumble

Air fryers are the perfect solution to those “we were in the neighbourhood” surprise visits from friends and family that send your mind scrambling for dessert ideas. These Baked Plums with Spicy Ginger Biscuit Crumble are ridiculously easy to make and insanely delicious. This recipe works with most stone fruits (nectarines/peaches) or pome fruits (apples/pears) but we love it with plums. Place greased parchment paper in your air fryer basket before adding your halved plums topped with crumble. Let them bake away while you chat with your friends. Serve with vanilla ice cream once the plums are deliciously sticky and caramelised and the crumble is crunchy and golden brown.

Recipe for Baked Plums with Spicy Ginger Biscuit Crumble

Giant Oatmeal Cookies with White Chocolate Drizzle

Looking for a satisfying midnight snack? Then these Giant Oatmeal Cookies are just the air fryer recipe you need. Make your cookie dough ahead of time and refrigerate it, that way you can make single-serve cookies for when those sweet cravings hit but you don’t want a whole tray. Pop your cookie dough on parchment paper and bake in the air fryer, drizzle with melted white choc and dunk that baby in milk. It doesn’t get more wholesome than that!

Recipe for Giant Oatmeal Cookies with White Chocolate Drizzle

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