Salon Pot Luck launches in Cape Town

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Cape Town latest cocktail bar, Salon Pot Luck, is bringing an exclusive lounging experience to the local culinary scene. Supporting the group’s evolution is a brand-new venture, Salon Pot Luck, which will open on the first floor of the Old Biscuit Mill’s silo on the 8th of March. Serving a modern take on French-inspired canapés, clever cocktails and fine wines, Dale Roberts envisages the space as a ‘library’ that guests can visit before or after dining at The Pot Luck Club. It will also function as a standalone destination.

Salon Pot Luck

“Salon Pot Luck will add value to the current experience in a stylish industrial space decorated in an old-world style. The menu will be inspired by traditional French pastries, reinvented in our unique way,” explains Dale Roberts.

What diners can expect

Jason Kosmas will also be overseeing the menu at the new venture, and diners can expect the likes of a savoury Black Forest ‘gateau’ – foie gras, vanilla, Parmesan, shortbread, dark chocolate and cherry jelly; and an ‘Opera’ cake – chicken and duck liver parfait, porcini and coffee.

Maurice Paliaga, the designer on the project, explains the process behind the décor: “In keeping with the theme of evolution, our initial conversations went around repurposing, recycling and using local artisans to create an experience in an old office space, five floors below The Pot Luck Club. We had a strong gridded structure to contend within the remnants of the old Pyotts silo, which is now over 100 years old. Luke felt it important that the space was broken up into various areas, and we created a general seating space backed by an elegant bar and banquette seating, with ‘love nest-style’ booths. Velvet drapes, Art Deco-style stained glass, brass lamps, mid-century furnishings and Venetian plaster complete the look.”

Meet the team behind Salon Pot Luck

Tony Tavaziva, who has been a waiter at The Pot Luck Club since 2016, will be taking the reins as manager at Salon Pot Luck. “Working with Luke has changed my life, and I’m honoured to be entrusted with this exciting new opportunity,” he says. Xolisa Dyabaza, who has worked with Dale Roberts since his days at La Colombe, will fill the beverage manager’s shoes and will oversee the beverage offering, while his brother Vincent, a former sculler at The Test Kitchen, will be the floor manager. Dillan Kannemeyer, another Pot Luck Club success story, is at the helm in the kitchen, working with Jason Kosmas to curate the menu.

Kannemeyer, who has risen through the ranks from griller in 2016 to senior sous chef, is looking forward to taking on the challenge, “I can’t quite believe this is happening yet, it’s very exciting,” he says.

“I’m so proud that Tony, Dillan, Xolisa and Vincent will be taking their places at Salon Pot Luck. Their growth within the group has been remarkable and these new positions are well deserved,” says Dale Roberts.

Launch Details:

Salon Pot Luck will open its doors on the 8th of March 2023. Guests can visit from Mondays to Saturdays between 16h00 and 23h00. You can make your booking at the website link below, or via email.

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