Saggy Stone Brewery in Robertson

Words: Karl Tessendorf

Some people like to think in a quiet room. Some prefer the great outdoors. Adrian of Saggy Stone prefers the jacuzzi, and back in 2007, that’s exactly where he and his brother were when they decided to buy a fruit farm and turn it into Saggy Stone Brewery in Robertson. Tucked away in the Robertson mountains, Saggy Stone is one of those places that you hope you’ll stumble upon one lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s a mix of everything that’s great about escaping to the country. It’s full of friendly faces, great food, amazing scenery and they also brew beer. What more could you ask for?

Saggy Stone’s restaurant and pub is probably one of the coolest looking places in the Karoo. It was built in 2010, stone by stone from natural river rock found on the farm. At the same time they were building another stone lapa further up on the farm. Halfway through the construction a troop of baboons decided they didn’t agree with the design choice, and took it upon themselves to remodel it . The baboons destroyed the place causing all the stone walls to sag. Upon seeing this Adrian’s daughter proclaimed, “look dad, it’s a saggy stone lapa”. Adrian fell in love with the name and decided to Google around to see if it existed anywhere else. The first thing that came up was ‘Sharon Stone’ and ‘saggy tits’, and just like that, Saggy Stone was born.

Saggy Stone was Robertson’s first beer brewing farm. At the moment they brew four different beers and the brewery is built in the old farm church. What makes their beer so good is the mountain water that flows down into a weir on the farm. The water is filtered through tons of rock and is crystal clear. Adrian is a firm believer that it’s this great mountain water that makes better beer. They have a beer to suit any taste ranging from the light and refreshing Desert Lager, to the crisp, hoppy California Steam, to the complex Big Red Ale, and the rich and refreshing Dark Horse.

Saggy Stone Brewery in Robertson really is a great place to laze away a weekend afternoon. They’ve got a great menu of rustic country chow with favourites like roast eisbein, beef and ale pie, burgers, serious toasted sarmies and Adrian’s favourite, peri-peri chicken livers. Adrian is an ex baker so the breads are made on site and they’ve just installed a huge pizza oven. On busy weekends you’ll find Adrian manning the oven and whipping up pizzas for the crowd. The outdoor section of the restaurant is set amongst the farm’s plum orchards and they encourage you to pick your own plum.

Saggy Stone is one of those places you really should visit. It’s a great place to take the kids and to enjoy true Karoo hospitality. They’re open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11h00 to 16h00. It can get pretty crazy over weekends, so it’s best to call ahead to make a booking.Saggy-Stone | 083 4533526 |

Check out this recipe for an artisanal loaf made with the craft beer of Saggy Stone Brewery and transform it into the ultimate cheese sarmie!


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