Risoli Dr Green: Good Health Starts in a Good Pan

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Risoli Dr Green

New! Risoli Dr Green Pots and Pans for More Natural Cooking

The Risoli Dr Green range of pots and pans are cast and made in Italy. The range is durable, non stick and most importantly PFOA-free (Plerfluorooctanoic acid – a known carcinogenic). This stylish cookware is ideal to use to prepare any meal and can go from the stovetop to serving at the table.

The range embraces a lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment; pots and saucepans are composed of recycled or recyclable materials with a state-of-the-art non-stick coating. The unique, completely non-toxic Greenstone ® coating is water-based (certified by the Danish Technological Institute), making Dr Green the top range for healthy cooking. The use of the highest quality raw materials in the production process, combined with each article being hand finished, guarantees the high quality of Risolì products.

Dr Green, Healthy Cooking made Fool-proof

Risoli Dr Green

The Risoli Dr Green range is a must-have addition to your kitchen to improve the quality of food that you are preparing. The 6mm die-cast aluminum body ensures uniform cooking temperature over the entire pan or pot surface – this allows for more gentle cooking over low heat, keeping food flavoursome and wholesome.

The Greenstone ® coating also ensures greater non-stick properties making it easier to cook with no added fat or oil if desired. It is completely inert and resists twice as much to wear compared to traditional treatments.

The Dr Green 6 pc utensil set ensures that your pots and pans remain unscratched. They can be used in high temperatures – up to 220 ºC, are recyclable.

Saporelax Grill Pan range in 3 sizes and colours available.

  • Grilling fat-free due to higher ridges
  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Removable and folding soft silicon handle
  • Usable on stovetop and oven
  • Dishwasher safe

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