Red Wine Sales Surge Over Winter

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South Africans warm up this winter with a glass of proudly South African Pinotage

As the 2015 winter season settles in, the seasonal demand for locally produced Pinotage rises steadily as a result of consumers favouring a full-bodied and bold wine during the colder months. So says Francois Roode, winemaker at Diemersfontein Wine and Country Estate in Wellington. He says that Pinotage is a uniquely South African grape variety, counted among the more popular cultivars in the world and has been growing in demand since its inception in 1925.

“The famous Diemersfontein Pinotage, otherwise known as the original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage, and Carpe Diem Reserve Pinotage are the reason for growth in Diemersfontein’s sales both locally and abroad in the US, Sweden, Germany, UK, China and as far as Australia. The reason for the demand during the winter months is simple – South Africans opt for a warmer beverage to escape the chilly weather. Pinotage is generally served at a higher temperature which softens the tannins and makes for a smoother texture.”

Roode adds that as the seasons change, so do food pairing options and red wines such as Pinotage complement many winter dishes.Pinotage offers a smooth taste, significant body, ripe fruit aromas and a long, fruity finish that follows through on the palate. During the winter months it pairs well with hot, hearty, rich stews such as oxtail or lamb casserole. Pairing the two warms both body and soul!”

Pinotage On Tap

The Coffee Chocolate Pinotage is bright red in colour with rich notes of plum and red fruits and a full-bodied mouthfeel. “It has become so popular that one of the biggest wine competitions in South Africa has recently introduced a category specifically for ‘Coffee Pinotage’ wines.”

Furthermore, Roode says that due to the growing success of Pinotage, Diemersfontein launched an annual festival 11 years ago in honour of the new vintage. “The Pinotage-on-Tap festival, which serves bottomless Diemersfontein’s Original Coffee Chocolate Pinotage is a wine, food & music festival that celebrates Diemersfontein Pinotage otherwise known as The people’s Pinotage.

 The first POT Festival of 2015 kicks off in Johannesburg at Val Bonne Country Estate in Modderfontein on August 29th, to be followed by the Durban festival at The Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock on September 19th. The grand finale, as always, will be held at Diemersfontein Wine Estate in Wellington, Western Cape. This year’s Cape Town event will take place on October 10th on International Pinotage Day. CrashCarBurn, will be the headlining act at all three events including top live performances from local artists such as Howie Combrink (Joburg), Majozi (Durban) and Grassy Spark (Cape Town).

 For more information on the Pinotage-on-Tap festival visit the Diemersfontein website and Twitter page, as well as the Pinotage on Tap Facebook page.

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