Popular Luxury Café & Bakery Brand, Coco Safar, Launches 2 New Locations in Cape Town

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Locally rooted luxury coffee, café and bakery brand, Coco Safar, will kick start its local expansion with the launch of two new stores at the iconic V&A Waterfront and, popular wine estate, Constantia Uitsig. Both locations will be open for business in early December and are expected to be a massive hit with locals and tourists.

Coco Safar

For years, Coco Safar has been the go-to spot for the perfect butter croissant and new wave specialty flavoured croissants in Cape Town. The brand will now house three locations in Cape Town, making their daily indulgences accessible to more South Africans.

Luxury Coffee and Croissants

Regarded by industry insiders as the “Hermes of coffee, bakery and café culture”, Cape Town is known for its abundance of bakeries, however, not all of them are created equal. When it comes to baked goods, Coco Safar continues to push the boundaries of culinary couture. From boasting an impressive assortment of world-famous croissants, and collection of the world’s finest coffees to freshly baked breads and pâtissière, you’re bound to take your palate on a gastronomic journey that will keep you coming back for more.

The popular all-day cafe is an oddity in the luxury café, bakery, and pâtisserie scene, which explains the explosive demand and popularity in South Africa. The brand has been consistently racking up accolades, rated by the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg and others as ‘the world’s best coffee’, while Food & Wine USA recognised its croissants among the four best in the world on par with bakeries in Paris, Tokyo & Melbourne.

About Coco Safar

Coco Safar® is an all-day luxury café delivering dazzling breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as specialty coffee and croissants, baked goods and pâtissière with the right touch of sophistication and French je ne sais quoi, that beautifully comes together with a uniquely distinct mix of North American and South African flair. Created in Montréal, Canada, more than fifteen years ago, the globe-trotting brand opened its international flagship in Sea Point five years ago.

Coco SafarIts new Atlantic Seaboard store at Piazza St-John perfectly combines the elegance of an old-world café with the casual allure of a neighbourhood eatery and everyday destination. The word ‘Coco’, reminiscent of French haute couture, bespoke and designer-like quality is combined with ‘Safar’, which means travel or journey. Together, the name fully encapsulates the brand’s promise of a journey beyond ordinary and luxurious daily indulgences that are authentic and memorable, and which coffee aficionados and foodies return for.

For more on Coco Safar visit the links below. Be sure to watch their social media platforms for regular updates on the opening of their two new branches.

cocosafar.com/za/ | Facebook | Instagram

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