Dreamy Delights with Parmalat Custard – Winter Warmer Food Jams Event

Words: Robyn Samuels

Invite me to lunch and I’ll consider, but if you tell me there’ll be pudding, I’ll be there in a heartbeat – Tupperware in hand and appetite ready. Malva. Sticky Toffee. Brandy. Bread & Butter Pudding – these irresistible treats are just some of my favourite bakes, my bread and butter if you will. While most might opt for vanilla ice cream, custard has always been the preferred serving suggestion in my family. Homemade or store-bought, whoever got the last serving always stirred a debate. Being an opportunist, I’d cut the box open, use it as a bowl and scrape it down to the very last spoonful. Admittedly, my sweet-tooth cravings have amplified since the start of this dreaded winter season, so when Parmalat invited me to their Winter Warmer event at Food Jams, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Winter Warmer Cooking Challenge

When we arrived at Food Jams’ kitchen, we entered the proverbial land of milk and honey. Tables were decked with Parmalat products, and fridges were stocked with custard, yoghurt and their range of flavoured butters. Once we were split into groups, the cooking challenge began and we had 3 hours on the clock.

In theory, three hours seems like more than enough time to bake something, but you’d be surprised how fast time flies by when you’re running like a headless chicken from one end of the kitchen to another while ensuring that your milk doesn’t spill nor burn.

Some were tasked with creating savoury dishes like chicken Kyiv using the Parmalat butter and fresh cream, while others whipped up creamy delights incorporating Parmalat vanilla custard, flavoured yoghurt and EverFresh milk. I created a popular Italian dish, Arancini – but the dessert version. Parmalat products were of course the hero product in each recipe.

The Real Treat – Parmalat Custard

Desserts are usually dairy-based, which can be challenging for those who suffer from IBS (err, me) or lactose intolerance, so I have to remind myself that dairy isn’t my friend. When it comes to making coffee or tea, I opt for milk alternatives, but they don’t lend the desired creaminess that certain dessert recipes require.

Thankfully, Parmalat’s considered range takes care of this with their EasyGest lactose-free milk; their Fabulite Double Cream Yoghurt contains no added sugar, which is ideal for those who have dietary restrictions or simply want to be mindful of their sugar intake. But the crème de la crème is their EasyGest Custard, a deliciously creamy vanilla-flavoured custard that’s totally lactose-free, meaning you can enjoy your pudding and custard without dealing with bloating or cramps. It’s perfect for when those sweet cravings hit.

Before I knew it, three hours had passed and it was time to judge the dishes. As a competitive person, I was hoping our team would win – it certainly didn’t hurt that we had a recipe developer and pastry chef on our side. While the judges deliberated, we gathered at the long table for a splendid supper filled with delightful conversation and all the delicious food we created; bellies were filled and tastebuds danced.

The cherry on top was that my team was actually crowned as the winners of the cooking challenge; we were gifted a gorgeous ramekin set by Le Creuset – perfect for serving chocolate soufflé and other tasty treats.

Besides winning, the real treat of the night was getting to cook with some amazing personalities and of course, enjoying Parmalat Custard.

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