Our Favourite Zero Waste Instagram Influencers

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Many of us are trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use in our homes and daily lives, but without some guidance on how to go zero waste cheaply and effectively, it can be quite a daunting task. Thankfully, Instagram is the land of influencers, how-tos and life-hacks and many of those are aimed at encouraging #zerowasteliving and sustainable practices.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite zero waste advocaters — some local, some not — but all contribute their unique ways of living a more sustainable life.


Cape Town Vegan is one of our most favourite vegan and zero waste influencers, because he is REAL and actually gives you information that is useful and cost-effective. His zero waste tips include how to make your pantry zero waste friendly by collecting jars, baskets and various other storage containers, so that you have ample space to store bulk grains and flours. He also shares his weekly shopping list and meal plans, which helps reduce waste by mitigating any unnecessary convenience food packaging. We love his honest reviews on various zero waste products and he always makes sure you know where to find them.


An online zero waste shop, Shop Zero’s Instagram page not only highlights their range of zero waste products available to buy both online and in store, but also offers some useful tips on how to live a zero waste lifestyle.


Twin duo, Geevie and Sophia, share their journey towards a completely waste free life. They cover all aspects of a person’s daily life — fashion, hygiene, kitchen, beauty — and show you how to transition to becoming zero waste. It’s very difficult to just snap your fingers and decide to live a zero waste lifestyle – it’s a long process and requires daily commitment. Geevie & Sophia show you how to transition slowly and effectively.


Kathleen Kellogg runs the zero waste Instagram platform, @going.zero.waste and delivers informative and incredibly helpful tips for those transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle and for those considering it. She posts useful statistics about the climate crisis to keep her followers informed and on their toes. She also has great life hacks on how to transition cost effectively by upcycling, instead of buying new.


Cookbook author Anne-Marie Bonneau strives to teach you how to transition your cooking to include more sustainable practices, like fermenting, preserving and pickling. She talks about composting, sourdough and fermentation practices to show her followers that the lifecycle of our food isn’t as linear as we think it is.

Not sure where to go plastic free shopping? Read our shopping guide here.

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