Origin Salt River

CRUSH VISITS - September 2014

"There is just nothing quite like the smell of coffee. A deep breath of that roasted scent is deeply satisfying in a way that is hard to define. "

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 7h00am – 17h00pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9h00 – 14h00

Salt River, Cape Town

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There is just nothing quite like the smell of coffee. A deep breath of that roasted scent is deeply satisfying in a way that is hard to define. Salt River locals will be pleased to know of a new tenant in town purveying this heavenly smell, as Origin Coffee Roasting opens a new spot in the hood.

Located in the front space of the wedge-shaped building on Durham Ave, they take up residence with other popular tenants such as the Devil’s Peak Taproom and Red and Yellow School. The smell of freshly roasted coffee is already permeating the building, and leather aproned baristas Mthuli and Ofatsah are hard at work, grinding, steaming and pouring artistic patterns into frothy cappuccinos.

Origin Coffee Roasting have helped cement coffee culture in South Africa. They are dedicated to producing quality coffee sourced from some of the best coffee-producing locations in Africa and the world. They know that to make great coffee, you need great baristas, and so founded a dedicated barista school to help develop the culture of good coffee, poured by knowledgeable, trained staff.

All Origin beans are grown and harvested by growers selected for their dedication to quality, and when it comes to artisan roasting, there is no set formula. The beans are roasted, tasted, analysed and roasted again – this method is used until the right flavour is achieved and the coffee’s full potential is unlocked. When you sip an Origin coffee, you are drinking a cup of java that has been grown, harvested, roasted and brewed with all the attention and care it deserves.

Pop into the new spot in Durham Avenue, and don’t be surprised if you see people working busily on computers and sitting behind glass doors in meetings. This is because Origin is actually cohabitating with digital marketing agency Fast & Remarkable. So not only is the space abuzz with caffeine, it is also alive with creativity from brainstorming agency folk. The energy is palpable.

Fast & Remarkable and Origin have hit a reciprocal win – a trendy Salt River address, cool neighbours, a constant supply of good coffee for staff and clients alike, and a constant influx of coffee seeking customers. Cohabitation looks set to become a new business model for success.

Now if there was only a chocolate brand seeking to share office space with a digital food magazine…

Coffee, coffee & more coffee