What’s New on the Horizon: Changes at Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

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Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar has been a firm favourite of the CBD for the past 7 years. Its attic and rooftop setting, in a nearly 200-year-old building, has always showcased subtle touches of Japan, with its shrine-red bar, Tokyo wallpaper and, for the past few years, its modern take on Japanese cuisine.

Exciting new changes at Tjing Tjing Rooftop BarTjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

The same team will take these influences to new levels with the introduction of Tjing Tjing Momiji and the relaunch of Tjing Tjing Torii after a major renovation of its Longmarket Street home. Newly relocated to the ground floor, Tjing Tjing Torii provides customers with a little slice of Tokyo.

It captures the youthful energy of Harajuku and the neon lights of Shinjuku with its famous bustling Yokocho and their cosy little bars.

Tjing Tjing Torii offers a fast-paced but casual dining experience starting at 10h00 for brunch and carrying on until late. Expect traditional Japanese brunch, tamago, bento boxes, sando boxes, gyoza, yakitori, ramen and classic Japanese confections, with a Tjing Tjing twist. We’re excited, can we just say.

That’s a lotta iiiii’s…

Between Tjing Tjing Torii and the Rooftop Bar, lies the brand new Tjing Tjing Momiji and Momiji Lounge.

Tjing Tjing Momiji will offer a more sophisticated dining experience, inspired by the structure, ceremony and meticulousness of a Japanese kaiseki menu.

Mostly seasonal local ingredients are used in a clean and uncomplicated way. The typically 10-12 course tasting menu comes with a recommended sake and wine pairing.

To bring the food into full focus, the interior is beautifully understated with light shades of maple, accented by black privacy screens – a modern expression of Japanese elegance, with a touch of Tjing Tjing quirk.

tjing tjing rooftop bar oustide

Sake it to me

At the reservations-only Momiji Lounge patrons can enjoy a wide variety of speciality spirits, cocktails, Japanese whisky, premium sake and a unique wine list to complement the food. Book this chic and intimate space for private celebrations, after work sundowners, or pre-dinner drinks.

The award-winning Tjing Tjing Rooftop bar will maintain its identity, serving up some bespoke cocktails and arguably Cape Town’s best current indie and electronica playlist. Be sure to check out the new packaged snacks and selection of otsumami available.

Tjing Tjing Torii will be open for business mid-July, with Tjing Tjing Momiji and Momiji Lounge opening shortly after. The Rooftop bar remains open for business as usual.

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