Mild to Spicy: Types of Condiments, Dips and Spreads

Words: Robyn Samuels

How bland would a life without condiments be? Contrary to belief, condiments are not simply reserved for dipping French fries in, but can also transform the taste of your food. Whether it’s a topping on your burger, schmear for your bagel or a cooling condiment for your curry, we’ve listed them all. Dip into these tasty types of condiments.


These types of condiments should be staples in your pantry.


This type of sauce is basically garlicky mayonnaise. Aïoli is normally paired with fries and seafood or fried delights like these Cheesy Croquetas.


A classic condiment used to glaze and marinade meats, like ribs. It’s also commonly used as a burger sauce. Barbeque sauce consists of tomato sauce, oil, apple cider vinegar, blended garlic and onion.


Most locals associate chutney with the likes of ‘Mrs Balls’, but chutney actually refers to any food preserved with sugar and vinegar. Chutney can have varying textures, ingredients and even consistencies, so long as it’s preserved. This type of condiment commonly contains fruits, vegetables, herbs, sugar and spices. Try making our ClemenGold Relish.

Dijon Mustard

Traditional French mustard blended using apple cider vinegar, brown mustard seeds and spice.

Hot English Mustard

This type of mustard is called hot English for a reason. Many believe hot english mustard contains horseradish (like wasabi) due to its intense heat, but the pungent flavour and heat actually comes from the mustard seed itself. Hot english mustard is also distinctly stronger than other types of mustard because it’s mixed with water instead of vinegar which helps retain the heat.


A type of condiment with a tangy taste and thick, creamy consistency. Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg yolks, oil, salt and vinegar/lemon juice.

Monkey Gland

This type of condiment is used as a burger sauce. Monkey gland sauce is basically a mash up of different sauces — tomato sauce, Worcestershire, white wine vinegar, chilli chutney and blended with sautéed onions, garlic and tomatoes.


Mustard is a condiment, more typically used on hotdogs/boerewors rolls. Mustard seed is the primary ingredient, which is then ground and mixed with water vinegar, lemon juice, wine, salt and spices, before becoming a smooth consistency. There are different types of mustards, depending on the type mustard seed used — darker seeds have stronger flavours, whereas lighter seeds are milder. Mustard is also used as a meat rub, as the vinegar acts as a tenderising agent.


Similar to tartar, this type of condiment consists of mayonnaise, herbs, pickles, capers and sometimes anchovies. Rémoulade is used as a dipping sauce for seafood or as a condiment for fries.

Sweet Chilli

A firm South African fave and popular in Thai cuisine, sweet chilli sauce can be used for dipping spring rolls, samoosas or even meats. It’s made using red chilli peppers, rice wine vinegar, garlic, fish sauce and a sweetening ingredient (honey/refined sugar). This sauce is more sweet, if anything and not hot as its name suggests.

Tartar Sauce

A mayonnaise based condiment, mixed with pickles, capers, mustard, lemon juice and herbs — similar to rémoulade.

Wholegrain Mustard

Wholegrain mustard is a type of mustard sauce containing whole mustard seeds/grains which are slightly ground and has a rough texture, unlike the creamy kind where the mustard seeds are ground. This type of condiment is usually made by combining both yellow and brown mustard seeds and mixing it with water, cider vinegar and brown sugar.


These type of condiments are a fantastic side for spicy dishes and dipping vegetables in.


Atchar/achaar is a South Asian condiment made from an assortment of vegetables and fruits (mango, carrots, green beans, etc.) which are preserved and fermented in brine, vinegar, oil and spices.

Kecap Manis

Kecap manis is an Indonesian soy sauce commonly used in satay. It has a thicker consistency compared to standard soy sauces, due to the addition of palm sugar or jaggery (concentrated sugar cane juice). This type of condiment tastes similar to molasses.


Kimchi is a side dish in Korean cuisine and consists of fermented vegetables like napa cabbage, cucumber and Korean radish. The cabbage is rinsed, brined, salted, drained and massaged with a mixture of gochugaru, fish sauce, glutinous rice flour, spring onion, ginger and garlic.

Nuoc Cham

A Vietnamese condiment made using fish sauce, water, sugar, garlic, chilli, vinegar and lime juice. Nuoc cham has a sweet, tangy, salty taste and is used as a dipping sauce for rice paper rolls.


Pickling is the process of preserving vegetable or fruit, with brine or vinegar. Vegetables like onions, gherkins, carrots and cauliflower are commonly pickled in jars and stored in pantries. Pickled food is used as a side dish/condiment.


Raita uses plain yoghurt and has a thinner consistency compared to Greek yoghurt used in tzatziki. Other vegetables/fruit can be used instead of cucumber. It also uses chaat masala which is a spice blend of cumin, coriander, mango powder, black salt, pepper, citric acid and mint leaves. This type of condiment is usually served alongside curries, biryani and hot dishes as a cooling element.


Tzatziki is made using chopped onion, cucumber, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil and fresh herbs like dill, mint and parsley — all mixed together with the plain Greek yoghurt.


These spreads pair well with flatbread, toasted bread or as a dip.

Baba Ganoush

A Levantine dip made using tahini paste, paprika, lemon juice and olive oil which is similar to hummus, but baba ganoush is blended with roasted brinjals, instead of chickpeas.


The main ingredient in guacamole is avocado, which is blended with chopped (fine or chunky, depending on preference) shallots, tomatoes, fresh coriander, salt, cayenne pepper and lime juice.


A Middle Eastern spread made from cooked chickpeas (deskinned for smoother consistency) and blended with tahini paste, paprika, ground cumin, lemon juice and olive oil. Hummus is usually eaten with flatbread or tortilla chips.


A type of paste which can be made using forcemeat (a mixture of meat, fat and seasoning), garlic, herbs, spices and wine or brandy. There are different kinds of pâté, most commonly consumed as chicken liver and snoek pâte (smoorsnoek) in South Africa.


This saffron-infused French condiment has a bright yellow colour and thick consistency. Rouille is made using bread, egg yolk, garlic, cayenne pepper and blended with olive oil.


Tapenade is a Mediterranean type of spread made using cured olives (Kalamata/Niçoise/Lucques/picholines), capers, garlic, fresh parsley and fresh anchovies or anchovy paste as the main ingredients. It’s then made into a paste with red wine vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice.


A Greek mezze consisting of either smoked cod or smoked salmon roe. Its colour varies depending on the quality of roe used, beige taramosalata is usually of better quality compared to pink taramosalata. The smoked roe/cod is combined with garlic, and bread, then blended with lots of olive oil and lemon juice. Taramosalata has a salty, savoury flavour and is rich in protein.


This Lebanese dip is made using roasted red pepper, walnut, bread crumbs, pomegranate molasses and Aleppo pepper. Muhammara has a sweet and smoky taste, with some versions including garlic, tomato paste and sumac.

Hot Sauces

We all go against our better judgement when it comes to hot sauce and spicy foods. But, can you handle the heat?

Adobo sauce

This type of sauce is made using tomatoes, ancho chilli powder, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, allspice, sugar, herbs, cider vinegar and olive oil. You can also use canned Chipotle Peppers in Adobo.

Buffalo sauce

Wings aren’t wings without a good buffalo sauce. This type of sauce is made from hot sauce, butter, vinegar and Worcestershire.

Chili Crisp

Chilli crisp is made using an assortment of aromatics (chilli powder, garlic, onion, cardamom, salt, granulated sugar), which is then drenched and blended in sizzling hot oil. This condiment literally goes on anything and is wildly popular at the moment. Try it on fried eggs, baked potatoes, noodles. Literally anything. We love Ark Provision’s version and also Scorch.


This dipping sauce is used in chicken satay, which is made with garlic, honey, lime juice, soy sauce, peanut butter and coconut milk.


Sriracha is a Thai condiment and one of the most popular hot sauces. Like most hot sauces, sriracha has a tomato (paste and passata) and vinegar (rice vinegar) base. It also uses red chillies, garlic, palm sugar, shallots and a dash of fish sauce.

Keep things saucy in the kitchen with these Condiments, Sauces & Marinade Recipes.

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