A New Dawn for ASH Restaurant: Re-opening Summer 2018

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Create new experiences. Keep learning. Push yourself. These are the sentiments that have led the magically talented and somewhat edgy young chef, Ash Heeger, of ASH Restaurant, to embark on the second phase of her culinary journey, as she continues to establish herself as a chef de force on the South African food scene.

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New things on the horizon for ASH Restaurant

This time, it’s an exciting new project that will see the trendy ASH Restaurant in Church Street, Cape Town – Heeger’s first culinary adventure – close its doors for winter on the 27th of May. During this time the restaurant and the brand will undo go a transformation and reopen in summer, with a fresh new look to match the culinary evolution.

Foodie fans can expect something more sophisticated, more unique and dare we say it, more adventurous, as Heeger goes about reinventing her popular restaurant in Cape Town’s city centre.

“When we started ASH Restaurant two years ago, the menu was intensely meat driven. While that wasn’t our intention, we can’t deny that it has served us well as we have grown the brand and have established a following in Cape Town. But if I’m honest, and true to my passions, I don’t want to be limited to a ‘steakhouse’ ideal. I’ve decided to make major menu changes and focus on dishes that inspire me,” says Heeger.

Exciting Plans

Pairing up with her sister, Mandy van der Berg, the unstoppable duo has taken on the mammoth task of project-managing the entire rebrand themselves. Coming from a family with a strong background in both creativity and construction, the goal is to create and craft a space that offers a sensorial experience unlike anything Cape Town has ever seen. The restaurant rebrand stems from a place of growth and maturity.


What should we expect?

An unpretentious but exceptional dining experience is on the cards, where delightful meals from a novel menu will be presented with finesse, and ingredients will be locally, ethically and sustainably sourced; in keeping with Ash’s personal ideals of minimal-intervention food.

“I get goose bumps at the beginning of every service,” says Heeger. “I want guests to feel satisfied. In all senses of the word. With the experience as a whole of course, but also with each bite, the service, the ambiance, the memories that each guest takes away with them when they walk out the door. I want everyone to feel like they got what they came for.”

“This industry is one of pure passion. There’s nothing glamorous about a gruelling 18-hour shift. But I love the freedom of creativity. Not many careers offer that same freedom of expression and open mindedness. “

When asked what fans can expect on the exciting new menu, Heeger promises a more focused style from a chef who has grown up a little but doesn’t take herself or food too seriously. Food that’s cooked straight from the heart.

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