Redefining ‘Cool’ with Miele’s MasterCool Refrigeration

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Designed to exceed your expectations, the Miele MasterCool range comprises fridges, freezers and a wine storage unit that offers best-in-market functionality, style and efficiency.

Says Miele’s Liam Gawne: “Simply put – you know you have really arrived if your kitchen features Miele’s absolutely stunning range of MasterCool refrigeration appliances. Designed to last for a minimum of 20 years, the state-of-the-art MasterCool range is made of the highest quality materials, and features cutting-edge cooling technology and German engineering precision.

In every aspect, Miele’s legendary reliability is apparent – giving you peace of mind that your quality of food and valuable wines are protected.”


Miele’s Mastercool refrigeration appliances take cool to the next level

All Mastercool appliances offer only the best features that money can buy. They are super energy efficient, boasting A+ energy rating, and they feature SoftClose technology, which ensures that at an angle of 30 degrees or less, the self-closing doors close automatically in a soft and gentle manner.

BrilliantLight is another top-end feature ensuring that every corner of the interior cabinet is illuminated on each level to achieve maximum exposure of all contents, using uniquely engineered halogen lamps that cascade light from the top and sides of the appliance, eliminating blind or dark areas.

All Mastercool appliances feature the innovative Drop and Lock technology, which guarantees infinitely height-adjustable internal containers, notes Liam: “The containers located on the interior side of the doors are infinitely adjustable and easy to lock into place for maximum storage efficiency.” He says that maximum capacity is another convenient feature of Miele’s MasterCool range:

“MasterCool is well known for its large proportions, with refrigeration compartments as big as 675-litres, and its freezers of up to 495 litres – ensuring that there is enough space for all your refrigeration needs.”


Custom Compartments

Perhaps one of the most innovative features in the MasterCool range of fridges and freezers is the revolutionary food-driven menu system that is touch-based, easy to operate and has four independent cooling zones, adds Liam: “MasterCool offers an easy solution for the difficult task of choosing the proper settings for everything from fruit and vegetables, through to salmon and exotic cheeses, by automatically optimising the humidity levels and temperature in the individual storage drawers.

“In the humidity-controlled MasterFresh drawers, your food is stored in individual microclimates.”

“The temperature is kept at an appropriate constant level, and the humidity is perfectly adapted to suit the type of food being stored in each drawer. In this way, MasterFresh ensures that your food, especially fruit and vegetables, stay fresh for much longer. To operate, simply select the drawer location and the type of food from the Menu, and it will adjust the humidity accordingly.”


DynaCool is featured in all MasterCool fridges. It ensures an even temperature throughout the entire cooling cabinet, notes Liam: “It no longer matters on which level your food is stored because conditions are the same throughout the entire refrigeration cabinet. The familiar levels of ‘warmer at the top, cooler at the bottom’ in conventional refrigerators are finally a thing of the past with DynaCool.”

Standout features

The MasterCool freezers include a built-in ice maker and NoFrost technology, notes Liam: “With the IceMaker, your fridge-freezer produces up to 100 fresh ice cubes a day, fully automatically. With a mains water connection, ice cubes are constantly produced until the ice cube container is full.

This gives you more time to enjoy iced drinks. With the NoFrost system, you never have to defrost your Miele refrigeration appliance again.

The NoFrost system distributes cold, dry air evenly so that ice cannot form in the interior cabinet. Furthermore, ice deposits do not form on your frozen food and, without layers of ice on the interior, drawers can always be opened and closed easily. NoFrost offers maximum convenience for freezing food and saves you the hassle of defrosting – forever.”


When it comes to MasterCool wine conditioning units, temperature is ultimately the most important factor, says Liam: “The optimum temperature for storing wine is between 10°C and 12°C. Any change in temperature on a daily or weekly basis can have a detrimental effect and cause it to age prematurely.

The MasterCool makes certain that temperature fluctuations will not occur, and they are fitted with up to three temperature zones that can be controlled separately. Up to three different types of wine such as red wine, white wine, champagne or sparkling wine, can be stored at the same time and under perfect conditions.”

UV rays can cause chemical reactions in wines, which is why Miele’s MasterCool wine unit boasts glass doors that are made of tinted safety glass with integrated UV filter – protecting your wines from harmful UV rays.

Miele’s Active AirClean Filter ensures odourless storage conditions for your wine, Liam explains: “The innovative combination of active charcoal and chitosan, a natural product, eliminates virtually all odours in the refrigerator section. The filter is quick and easy to fit and is ready to be used straight away.”


Liam concludes that if you would like the best refrigeration that money can buy, then you need to look no further than Miele’s MasterCool range:

“MasterCool appliances offer the best in terms of convenience each and every day, such as ideal food storage conditions, dispensing of ice and water, and fast and convenient handling.”

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