Miele Generation 6000 Launch

Words: Crush

Snow, hail and typical Cape winter’s torrential rain couldn’t keep the inquisitive guests from attending the Generation 6000 launch at the Miele showroom in Cape Town.

Reminiscent of a Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch, MD of Miele SA, Brennon Menday, microphone earpiece attached, introduced us to the new generation 6000 appliance in a whirlwind tour of lights, videos and mind-blowing appliances.

As Brennon was being transferred by what seemed like Star Trek-esque light portals from coffee machine to state of the art steam oven, it became apparent that the new Generation 6000 appliances have incredible features which will take them far into the future. In these times of hi-tech, high-speed change, Miele appliances are still built to last for at least twenty years. But for now, the new Generation 6000 technology doesn’t seem like it could possibly be improved.

Design is a priority for Miele and when you see all of the wall ovens, steam cookers, microwave ovens and coffee makers assembled together, you notice how all of the Purelines link seamlessly from one machine to the next, unpretentiously integrating into kitchen cabinetry . They have also considered that colours change with trends and apart from the ever-popular, CleanSteel stainless steel look and Brilliant White, there are two newcomers as well – Obsidian Black and Havana Brown.

The detail and the ergonomic use of space is the real clincher with these kitchen appliances. Pop your favourite espresso cups into the coffee machine and it will work out the exact height to pour from, ensuring perfect heat, perfect crema and minimum loss of flavor. Stir-fry your once-a-month, oily ode to a Chinese take- away – no need to worry about the oily residue that could fill your open-plan apartment. Before you know it, the extractor fan, with no help from you, will work out from the temperature you cooking at, what strength it needs to be on.

Before you say ‘you had me at the coffee machine’, try roasting a Beef Wellington in one of Miele’s premium ovens. Think Apple iPhones, iPads or Samsung Galaxy screens and this is what you have on the top of the range Miele ovens – type in using state of the art M Touch technology. Back to the Beef Wellington – which notorious celebrity-chef, Gordon Ramsay, claimed took him years to perfect. Now, all you need is a M Touch screen, a Miele probe and, of course, the oven, and voila, you – I mean Miele – have made a perfect Beef Wellington.

The new technology is beyond exciting and the design continues to look as sleek and astoundingly beautiful as ever. The best way to experience the Generation 6000 range is to go and stroke and drool at the Miele showroom closest to you. 

Visit www.miele.co.za to find the nearest showroom.



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