Make Your Own Seriously Easy Christmas Wreath

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Christmas Wreath

Bring a little festive cheer to your home with our seriously easy to make DIY Christmas wreath. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on gaudy decor when you have nature on your doorstep! Choose your favourite twigs and foliage and make your very own creation.

What You’ll Need to make your Christmas Wreath

  • A piece of wire, about 1m in length
  • A bunch of leafy twigs or foliage, about 40cm in length (we used Slangbos)
  • Small natural decor and ribbon if desired.

Christmas Wreath

How to make your Christmas Wreath

First, bend a piece of wire (approx. 1m long) into a circular shape. Make sure to tuck in the protruding ends.

Start to wind desired twigs around the wire. Continue to weave the twigs and foliage in until the desired density is reached

If you like, add small decorations or ribbon as decoration. Voilà! There you have it, your own DIY Christmas wreath, no mess, no fuss.

Christmas Wreath

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