#Words4Wine: An Inspired Book Exchange at Leopard’s Leap

Words: Crush

If you love books, doing something good and enjoying a glass of excellent wine, then listen up. Leopards Leap Family Vineyards are running an inspired initiative that we just love – #Words4Wine – where patrons to the Franschhoek wine farm can exchange a pre-loved children’s book for a glass of wine!

The #words4wine Initiative

Those who love literature, who understand the importance of reading and who have books to share, are invited to enjoy a glass of Leopard’s Leap wine in exchange for a pre-loved (or even new!) book to fill the Leopard’s Leap bookshelf at the festival. Too sentimental to give your books away? Purchase a voucher from The Book Lounge to exchange instead of a physical book.

Join the enthusiastic Leopard’s Leap team at the Fugard Theatre, Homecoming Centre between 17:00 and 19:00 from 4 to 7 September 2019. Socialise with other festivalgoers over a glass of Leopard’s Leap wine knowing that your book contribution will make a difference.

How to be a part of #words4wine

Books will be categorised and distributed to libraries and schools in need of reading material as well as to the Open Box Library Project. These boxes are mini-libraries, allowing teachers and learners access to the resource through the day, without requiring additional staff and administration. Boxes are placed in classrooms and are filled with books, games, materials for activities and other resources relevant to both teachers and learners.

“We are often discouraged by our country’s challenges, one of which is education. With this rather simple initiative – just sharing a pre-loved book – we hope to make a difference to those in need of good reading material. Join the Leopard’s Leap Open Book Festival #Words4Wine campaign and let’s make a difference! ” says Leopard’s Leap CEO Hein Koegelenberg.


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