Wine Sparkling



One cannot welcome spring without some bubbles in hand, and no garden party is complete without it either. For those folks fortunate enough to live near the winelands of the Cape, do yourself a favour and visit Klein Optenhorst in Wellington to view one of the Cape’s most beautiful private gardens.

They host an ‘Open Garden’ annually and this year it will be on the 25th & 26th October. Jenni and Naas Ferreira will welcome you with a glass of their very own bubbly produced from their small Pinot Noir vineyard situated on either side of the road as you drive up to the lovely old farmhouse.

The family connection with Pieter ‘Bubbles’ Ferreira of Graham Beck sparked the move towards making a MCC from this Pinot Noir vineyard. The results are magnificent, with floral and berry aromas floral and berry aromas

On the nose: it welcomes your nose with refreshingly sweet, floral and berry aromas.

On the palate: a beautifully balanced sparkling wine with a fine mousse and delicate fresh finish.