#JOBSSAVELIVES Cape Town Protests in Pictures

Words: Julie Velosa

The #JobsSaveLives movement gained momentum this week as peaceful protests were held countrywide. The aim was to bring to light the massive challenges faced by the hospitality industry during the current global pandemic crisis. Restauranteurs, business owners, chefs, waitrons, kitchen staff and more took to the streets in cities across South Africa on Wednesday, July 22nd to peacefully protest and bring awareness to the situation.

We headed out onto the streets of Cape Town to show our support for these businesses in crisis.


The Long Supply Chain

While on the surface it may seem like being able to go and eat out and socialise should not be a priority in the middle of a pandemic, the fact is that it’s not about that. It’s about the massive loss of jobs, the closure of businesses and the fact that many people are being left without a way to earn an income.

Not only are the restaurants themselves facing major issues due to the curfew, alcohol bans and restricted trading but think about the entire supply chain that goes along with that – that involves hundreds of thousands of people across South Africa.

Everyone from fresh food suppliers, businesses that supply consumables, cleaning teams and even musicians that perform in these establishments, everyone is affected. Many of these are also small, family-run businesses that rely on this income to survive.

Peaceful protests in Cape Town

Trading restrictions have made it near on impossible for these venues to trade in a way that is profitable and this means that many families and individuals are without any source of income.


Empty Seats

Rows upon rows of empty tables were set up outside – a sobering reminder of the impact these restrictions are having.

The Restaurant Association of South Africa appealed to President Cyril Ramaphosa to take a seat at one of the empty tables to engage with the industry but disappointingly, this did not happen.



Help your local restaurants by making donations to assist them with keeping their staff on their payroll. Order food for take-away if you’re not comfortable eating out just yet. If you are trying to support your favourite restaurants by dining out, please remember that this is a critical time in everyone’s lives – tip generously if you can afford to and keep showing support to your favourite spots.

Eat Out has set up The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund that aims to provide financial support to restaurants to become operational, so that they can keep providing food for the growing number of hungry families across South Africa. If you’re able to donate, please do so HERE. #JobsSaveLives


Thank you to everyone who allowed us to photograph them. 

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