Why Purple Vegetables and Fruits Pack a Healthy Punch

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It is no secret that colourful foods are good for you. ‘Superfood‘ status has for some time been awarded to red, blue and purple vegetables and fruits – think pomegranates, goji berries, blueberries and acai (red velvet cake only counts if you make it with beetroot!).

While green veggies have always hogged the limelight for being the most nutritious, the fact is that eating from a range of colours ensures you get everything you need for a healthy diet.

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Colour is good for you

The health benefits of purple vegetables and fruits, which include colours on the spectrum of red and blue foods too, include lower cholesterol, increased immunity and many more, but what is it that is so good for us?

Anthocyanins are the powerful plant compounds responsible not only for the royal hues but also for the inflammation-busting and blood pressure-lowering goodness in common foods such as plums, red cabbage, figs, beetroot and berries

It is the mighty anthocyanins in red grape skins that turn red wines a gorgeous garnet colour and also the reason why red wine is a good anti-oxidant ­– in moderation of course.

This natural pigment is present in both the skins and the flesh of many fruits and vegetables and is sensitive to heat, so either cooks very quickly to preserve the goodness and colour or eat it raw where possible.


Adding colour to your day

If your aim is to eat more red, purple and blue foods, there are many options gracing our grocer’s shelves at the moment. Look out for rhubarb, aubergine (the skin is high in anthocyanins), radishes, purple carrots, purple beans, purple mangetout peas, red onions, purple micro herbs and even edible purple flowers.


Recipes To Try Using Purple Vegetables and Fruits

Aubergine Recipes

One of our all-time favourite purple vegetables is the humble aubergine (also called eggplant or brinjal too).

Baked Aubergines with Tahini Sauce

This tasty dish is full of Middle Eastern flavours and is vegetarian friendly.

Recipe for Baked Aubergines with Tahini Sauce

Tandoori Aubergines with Mint Tzatziki

A delicious way to eat aubergines, serve alongside your favourite protein, or as a dish all on their own.

Tandoori Aubergines with Mint Tzatziki


Caprese Aubergine Parcels

Braaied to perfection, these parcels are perfect for your veggie loving friends.

Recipe for Caprese Aubergine Parcels

Smokey Aubergine and Courgette Tart

All the goodness of green and purple veggies, encased in crispy phyllo pastry.

Recipe for Smokey Aubergine and Courgette Tart

Beetroot Recipes

It doesn’t get more reddish-purple than beets.

Beetroot Hummus

This beetroot recipe gives the classic hummus an upgrade!

Recipe for Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot Tzatziki

Traditional tzatziki as a thick, creamy sauce combing yoghurt with cucumber. This recipe uses beetroot instead, giving it yummy flavour and a beautiful colour.

Recipe for Beetroot Tzatziki

Beetroot Crumpets

Breakfast goes pink with the addition of beets to make these crumpets look so fab.

Recipe for Beetroot Crumpets

Beetroot Cake with Meringue Frosting

Red velvet cake goes natural with the colouring coming from beautiful beetroot juice!

Recipe for Beetroot Cake with Meringue Frosting

Plum Recipes

Perfect plums are packed with flavour and goodness.

Indonesian Short Ribs with Plums

Sweet, sticky and utterly moreish!

Recipe for Indonesian Short Ribs with Plums

Baked Plums with Spiced Ginger Biscuit Crumble

A lovely seasonal dessert that won’t break the bank.

Recipe for Baked Plums with Spiced Ginger Biscuit Crumble

Blueberry Recipes

We feel like these should be called purpleberries!

Blueberry Lattice Tart

A jammy filling enlcosed in crispy pastry – delicious.

Recipe for Blueberry Lattice Tart

Crushed Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Parfait

An excellent way to start your day!

Recipe for Crushed Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Parfait 

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