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Smokey Aubergine & Courgette Phyllo Tart Recipe

Smokey Aubergine & Courgette Phyllo Tart


Versatile aubergine is the star of the show in this smokey phyllo tart, guaranteed to satisfy

  • Serves: 6 |
    6 servings
  • Difficulty:

  • Prep Time : 10 mins |
  • Cook Time : 20 mins
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50 g butter

250 g ready-made phyllo pastry

2 exotic aubergine, thinly sliced lengthways

2 courgettes, thinly sliced lengthways

olive oil, for cooking & drizzling

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp (5 ml) ground coriander

1 garlic clove, crushed

4 handfuls baby spinach

2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

100 g buffalo mozzarella, torn into small chunks

1 tsp (5 ml) smoked paprika, for garnishing

Preheat the oven to 180 °C.

Brush a large rectangular baking tray with melted butter.

Lay one sheet of phyllo pastry onto a board and brush with melted butter. Place another sheet of phyllo pastry on top of the first and brush with butter.  Repeat until you have 5 layers of phyllo pastry. Place on the greased baking tray and bake in the oven for 3 minutes until golden.

Season the aubergine slices, with salt and pepper and sprinkle with the ground coriander.

Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. When hot, add the slices of aubergine turning as necessary, and cook until slightly golden on both sides. Transfer the aubergine from the frying pan to a sieve using a slotted spoon and leave to drain.

Heat a little more oil in the pan. Add the courgette and cook, turning to colour both sides, for 3-4 minutes. Remove and place in the sieve with the aubergine to drain excess oil.

In a large mixing bowl, toss the baby spinach, crushed garlic, lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil until well covered. Cover the base of the pre-baked pastry with the baby spinach mixture, reserving a handful to scatter on top before going back into the oven. Carefully layer the aubergine and courgettes over the spinach and top with torn pieces of mozzarella.

Bake for about 6-8 minutes until the mozzarella has melted and is bubbling. Add a sprinkle of smoked paprika, season to taste with salt and pepper and serve.