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CRUSH VISITS - 17 July 2014

In today’s age of ‘carbs are the devil’, the bunny chow reminds us of the good things in life.

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Eden on the Bay, Blouberg

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Word by Karl Tessendorf

My mother once told me that if she had one meal left in this life, it would be a bunny chow. Now considering we’re born and bred Durbanites, you could say we’re a little partial to a bunny, but then again, how could you not be? That familiar crusty, outer shell of government bread. The soft, inner curry-absorbent walls. The fiery Indian flavours, and of course, the virgin (the scooped out lump of bread). Yup, the bunny chow means business, but lucky for me, I’m in the bunny-slaying business.

In this edition of Tucked Away, I travel up the West Coast (ironically) to find a bunny chow that’s truly worthy of its title: The Durb’s Bunny Chow at Eden on the Bay’s Inside Sports Lounge. I know what you’re thinking, Eden on the Bay? Bunny chow? I had the same reaction, but believe me, a couple of mouthfuls of this bad boy, and your head will be bobbing in delight as your taste buds take a trip to Durban.

Now before you run off to Inside Sports Lounge, I urge you to heed one piece of advice… go hungry. In fact, go really hungry, because this thing is a not a cutesy, cuddle-bunny, it’s a behemoth that rolls up in a government loaf bread tank, and even sports potatoes in the curry for extra carbo payload. In today’s age of ‘carbs are the devil’, the bunny chow reminds us of the good things in life.

There’s a chicken or mutton option, but being from Durban means there’s only one choice for me, mutton.

It arrives in a generous half-loaf overflowing with dark, rich sauce and the virgin perched neatly on top. It’s time to tuck in and the proper way to do it is with your hands. At first taste, you see what I mean by fiery flavours – this is a pukka Durban curry so you’re going to get a little sweat on. The mutton is tender, the potatoes are soft and the bread perfectly rounds off the heat. It really is one of the best bunny chows I’ve had outside of Durban.

 I only have one problem with Inside Sports Lounge – I fear I will never eat anything other than the bunny chow. As soon as I walk in, my taste bud Tourette’s make me scream ‘BUNNY CHOW’ at the waiter, even if he’s just asking how I’m doing. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

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