Hanging out at Dusty Rebels and Bombshells Rocking and Riding Festival 2016

Words: Julie Velosa

Saturday 12 November was a day to don your vintage apparel and head down to the 2016 installation of Dusty Rebels and Bombshells, Rocking and Riding Festival. The grounds of the West Coast Ostrich Farm came alive in a wave of bright colour, coiffed curls and red lippy as those who embrace 40s and 50s Americana culture came out to celebrate.

Live music played throughout the day from the main stage, which framed the dusty oval track just behind. Hot rods of all descriptions took to the track to show their stuff, giving these beauties a chance to be appreciated by fans.
The other entertainment on wheels were skate and BMX demos by a seriously talented bunch of local young guys. They had the crowds holding their collective breath with some spectacular air and even more spectacular wipeouts, with one skateboard sailing right over and out of the barrier and into the crowd.

Dusty Rebels and The Bombshells 2016

Various stalls kept visitors entertained with gorgeous vintage retail apparel and collectors memorabilia. Girls were lured into the stalls selling beautiful retro dresses and accessories and the guys browsed locally produced clothing and all manner of beard grooming goods.

A customisation station was run by Levi Strauss, where those wearing denim could customise their threads with badges, pins and distressing techniques, all done by the talented team onsite.

Delicious food was provided by a variety of stalls; standouts being the quesadillas from Wahine Food Truck and the gluten free chicken tacos, with fresh pineapple salsa from Taco Kombi.

The Miss Bombshell Betty pageant is an annual highlight where gorgeous entrants vie for the title of the year’s most put together and eloquent bombshell. This year Chica BOMBA (AKA) Lizzy Lizmar wowed the crowd with her gorgeous looks and personality and took the title (not pictured).
The event went on until midnight with Taxi Violence closing out the evening in rocking style. This great, family-friendly event is an absolute blast. It celebrates an era gone by where curves were lauded and a heel and an up-do were non negotiable. Where slick looking cars were designed with stylish flair and where the renegade and the rebel were the heroes of the day. It’s a great deal of fun to step back in time and experience a little retro fun and we look forward to next year’s event.  

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