Wine Rose

Gorgeous Pinot Noir Chardonnay


Graham Beck is well known for the bubblies which they produce. They cover the spectrum from light, everyday bubbly, to the serious ones that have spent many years on the lees in the bottle, before being disgorged and sent out into the thirsty market. The grapes from some of the younger vineyards are used for this wine, which is a typical blend for a Cap Classique, but without the bubbles. There are a few examples of similar blends in the market, but this one stands out with its elegance and femininity. Most examples end up on the ‘other white blends’ shelf, but this one shows light pink with a touch of copper on the colour, so very welcome on the Rosé shelves! It has everything from a bit of spice, to floral and raspberry notes and finishes with fresh citrus. The perfect companion to light summer salads or really just on its own!

Graham Beck gorgous