Four Seriously Good Recipes using Coffee with vida e caffè

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There’s no doubt that we have an unparalleled love for coffee, and not just any coffee – GOOD COFFEE. We want to sip and savour our coffee in as many ways as possible and cooking with coffee has become one of our favourite activities. We also only use the best of the best, so we’ve picked up some of vida e caffè’s beautiful blends (Electra, Devra, Estrela and Auriga) and cooked up some seriously sexy coffee recipes for you to try at home. Lo and behold some of the best recipes using coffee you’ll ever lay your eyes upon…

Recipes Using Coffee with vida e caffè

No-Knead Coffee, Cranberry & Walnut Country Loaf

recipes using coffee

vida e caffè coffee beans used: Electra – medium roast with citrus and honey notes.
Bean origin: Ethiopia

From the moment you mix up this bread you know you’re in for a treat. Rich coffee aromas and flavours complemented by earthy walnuts and sweet yet tart cranberries. It’s definitely a crowd favourite and the no-knead method will make you look like a bread baking rock star.

Fact: Electra is a blue-white giant star in the Taurus constellation.

Did you know? Electra is vida e caffè’s Single Origin Ethiopian Sidamo and is available in store as a limited edition option for the next 6 months, just ask for Electra at your nearest vida branch to try it (note: additional R3 charge applies).

Get the Recipe for this Coffee, Cranberry and Walnut Country Loaf

Fillet Steak with Café au Lait Mushroom Sauce

recipes using coffee

vida e caffè coffee beans used: Devra – dark and smokey.
Bean origin: Africa and Central and South America

Coffee. Cream. Mushrooms. Welcome to your new favourite steak sauce. The coffee adds a level of flavour to this sauce that will really surprise you; it has smokey notes and makes the creamy sauce, which is inspired by a café au lait, wonderfully rich and deep. Once you’ve made this sauce you’ll never want to eat steak without it!

Written in the stars… A mysterious astral body, Devra has mesmerised astronomers throughout the ages.

Did you know? Devra is one of two vida e caffè blends that uses Robusta in it (Vega is the other). Robusta coffee beans have more caffeine in them compared to Arabica coffee beans, which gives them a slightly more bitter taste.

Recipe for Fillet Steak with Café au Lait Mushroom Sauce

Irish Coffee Brownies with Whiskey Cream

recipes using coffee

vida e caffè coffee beans used: Estrela – milk chocolate notes.
Bean origin: South American

Love brownies? Love recipes using coffee? Well step right up, these ones take things to the next level. Introducing Irish Coffee Brownies – the brownies themselves are infused with vida e caffè Estrela coffee and are rich and fudgy when you cook them just right. Add a little whiskey to the cream and dollop generously on top – voila, the most epic brownies you’ll ever taste! We’ve added extra coffee love by using vida e caffè’s Leite coffee-infused chocolate to make the brownies. The result is off the charts.

A namesake… Estrela is the old Portuguese word for star, which makes perfect sense since Estrela is the house blend at vida e caffè and is the star of the show.

Did you know? Estrela coffee from vida e caffè also available as a decaf version.

Recipe for Irish Coffee Brownies

Coffee Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Ganache and Bacon Crumble

recipes using coffee

vida e caffè coffee beans used: Auriga – nutty chocolate notes with a toffee finish.
Bean origin: Africa and South America

Bacon on chocolate cake? Trust us. The sweet-salty combination is so yum. The bundt cakes are infused with vida e caffè’s Auriga coffee and baked to perfection. Drizzle with rich chocolate ganache and top with crispy bacon crumble.

Star struck Auriga is one of the 88 modern constellations; it was among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy. Source: Wikipedia.

Did you know?  Auriga was the first of the vida e caffè blend extensions, which was served as a second blend offer in-store (like Electra is now) and it was the first time vida e caffè used African beans in a blend.

Recipe for Coffee Chocolate Bundt Cake with Bacon Crumble

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recipes using coffee

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