Experience the Winter Special at La Tête

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We’re not going to lie, we know it’s tough to extract yourself out from under the covers during winter to do anything but some things are just worth getting out for. The winter special at La Tête, which runs until 31 August is one of them. Trust us.

Winter Special at La Tête

If you haven’t yet experienced Chef Giles Edwards’ food then you really ought to use this opportunity – the way the special is designed gives you a chance to enjoy a couple of different dishes, which is a really good way to get a sense of the style of food.

winter restaurant specials

The winter special at La Tête is R220 pp and allows you to choose a selection of small plates, which include a line up from the starters and dessert sections, giving great flexibility.

Essentially, if you are two people dining you can choose 6 dishes in total and you are encouraged to mix, match and share. If you want, you can also opt to choose mains as well, which are added separately on the menu.

We loved the mix-and-match idea and opted to try a variety of small plates of savouries and desserts.

At the Heart of It

La Tête is known for its nose-to-tail philosophy and so the menu does include a few options that may test your culinary boundaries, depending on how adventurous you are. There are also plenty of vegetarian-friendly options like the roasted artichoke salad that we started off with. The artichokes are grilled until slightly charred, giving them a notable smoky flavour. They are served warm, tossed with greens, in a herby dressing.

We absolutely loved the Ox Heart with Beetroot. The heart has an unusual texture that is hard to describe – it has bite, which may not sound appealing, but actually, it really is. It’s robust and full of meaty flavour that is balanced by the earthy beets and dressing. It was a favourite of the evening.

Keeping things Fresh

The octopus salad was also delicious, tossed in dressing with leaves and fennel and perfectly tender. The beauty in all of these dishes was not only the elevation of simple ingredients but the mastery of flavour in the sauces and dressings, this is where it’s really at. Balancing the right amount of herby flavour with acidity takes these dishes to the next level.

It goes to show that wintery food doesn’t have to be heavy, it just needs to be hearty (no pun intended), and hearty also doesn’t necessarily mean heavy. Finding the sweet spot is what shows real skill.

Floating on a Sweet Cloud

Desserts are classics and again, it’s tough to choose. We opted for the Floating Island and the Lemon Posset. The pucker of lemon in the posset (set cream-like texture) was so refreshing that it had us licking every last bit out of the bowl.

Winter special at La Tête

If, like me, you ever thought that poached meringue would not be your thing, believe me when I say, you’re wrong. A featherlight quenelle of meringue sits in a bowl of the most ridiculously creamy custard and is topped with toasted almond flakes and a burnt sugar drizzle. Sounds simple? Perhaps deceptively so, but boy is it delicious.

Don’t delay, book your seats for the La Tête Winter Special

Take our word for it – pause whatever series you’re watching (it’s not going anywhere) and head to La Tête for a great dining experience.

R220 for a choice of 3 starters and/or dessert. Bookings  021 418 1299.

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