Experience Local Bubbles at The MCC Room

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The Gin Bar on Wale Street has long been the place to go if you’re a lover of premium local craft gins, a beautiful space and a good time. We love a bar dedicated to celebrating South Africa’s best, so we were thrilled to hear that owners decided to extend their appreciation beyond gin to include South African Cap Classique in their dedicated MCC Room just next to the main bar.

Celebrating Local Bubbles

A space entirely devoted to celebrating some of the world’s best sparkling wine, the MCC Room provides a platform for local crafters to show off their premium quality product. Our version of Champagne, Methode Cap Classique is known the world over and is as good (some say better) than it’s French cousin. Many local winemakers experiment with different grape varietals, providing an experience of sparkling wine entirely unique to South Africa.

Shrine to South African Craft

Housed in one of Cape Town’s stunning heritage buildings on Wale Street, The MCC Room is steeped in local history that’s clearly reflected in the infrastructure and design of the building. It’s only fitting that a celebration of local, high-quality products should be done in a near century old building in the heart of Cape Town’s inner city.

Vintage fittings, moody lighting and intimate seating will make you slow down your evening and enjoy what’s on offer. If you’re unsure of what to choose, the tasting flight from 5 different producers will give you a taste of all the best. You can also always ask the wonderful and knowledgeable bar staff for recommendations suited to your taste. Our personal favourite is a glass of the Waterkloof Astraeus MCC Brut Chardonnay. It’s perfectly dry and makes for a lovely addition to a Negroni Spagliato.

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