Effortless Entertaining this Festive Season with Opinel

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Food, friends, family and festivities go hand-in-hand, especially during the holidays. Part of the fun with celebratory meals is the preparation of them and with the Opinel range of kitchen products, this is not only easier but far more stylish too!

Effortless Entertaining

To get us in the holiday mood, we spent the day preparing and cooking two delicious dishes using the Opinel range.

We’ve made the most delicious snack-spread – homemade Lemon Labneh topped with roasted tomatoes and pine nuts and served with toasted pita bread.  We’ve also made the Spanish tapas classic, Patatas Bravas, which always disappears very quickly! Both dishes are great for crowds.

Opinel offers a range of knives for any occasion. All Opinel table knives, as well as their paring knife, serrated knife, the Petit Chef peeler and all of their pocket knives, are manufactured in Chambery in Savoie, in the heart of the French Alps.

RECIPE: Lemon Labneh with Roasted Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

Opinel Knives Homemade LabnehIf you’re entertaining a big group of people these holidays, you want ease and cost-effective. And if you haven’t made your own homemade labneh yet, now is the time. It couldn’t be easier and the result is a really tasty and cost-effective snack for feeding a crowd. Oh, and did we mention, totally delicious!

Get the recipe for Lemon Labneh with Roasted Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

Prepping Made Easy

The tomatoes to top out labneh were sliced with utmost ease using Opinel’s Serrated Knife No.113. The knife has a micro-serrated blade for slicing tomatoes effortlessly, it works just as well for hard-boiled eggs and fruits like kiwis, cutting with precision and without too much mess.

The Spreading Knife No.117 has a spatula blade which is generously sized for a quick spreading. We used this to serve our Lemon Labneh, its design making spreading a breeze.

The Brunch/Breakfast Knife, with its 11.5 cm length, can be used to scrape the bottom of jars (to get out that last drop of jams, spreads and other sweet or savoury treats). Its rounded wide tip is ideal for quick spreading and its 7.5 cm serrated section is perfect for cutting bread, pastries, sausages, eggs… anything really. Great for a harvest-style table with cheeses, breads and snacks.

RECIPE: Classic Patatas Bravas

patatas bravas with opinelThe classic Spanish tapas dish, Patatas Bravas, is perfect for big groups. Enjoy it with your friends and a bottle of your favourite vino.

Get the recipe for Patatas Bravas

Making Light Work

Patatas Bravas is a potato dish and when prepping to feed a crowd, this means plenty of peeling is needed. Opinel’s Peeler No.115 is suitable for right and left-handed users. It peels fruit and vegetables rapidly and efficiently, which made it the perfect tool for prepping this dish with ease.

Opinel’s Paring Knife No.112 is a multi-purpose knife for slicing, chopping and peeling fruit and vegetables, as well as for trimming meat. This was the just the tool needed for a variety of jobs such slicing chorizo, as well as slicing cheese for serving.

opinel peeler
slicing chorizo

Order Your Opinel Set

View the catalogue and choose the colours to find your perfect knife set for any occasion. Order your Opinel Knife Set and be prepared to host all your friends this festive season.

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