Easy Heritage Day Recipes to Make On The Braai With Fry’s

Words: Tam Selley

Frys vegan heritage day recipesHeritage Day is near and the natural way to celebrate here in SA is with a good old-fashioned braai. What’s a braai without braai vleis might you ask? It’s an epic plant-based cook-up on the coals that will leave your wors looking like a gemors. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the chargrilled goodness that we’ve cooked up below. We aren’t leaving anyone out of our National Braai Day shenanigans, so for our readers at home who want to omit meat, we get by with a little help from our friends at Fry Family Food Co. Here are some easy plant-based heritage month recipes that you can try on the braai.

4 Heritage Month Recipes to Make On the Braai with Fry Family Food Co

We grab four of Fry Family Food Co signature products and prove that plant-based braais are equally, if not more tasty, than meat braais.

Loaded Hot Dogs With Curried Mustard and Fried Onion Rings

Vegan Heritage Day Recipes

Fry’s Original Hot Dogs were one of the first recipes ever created by theFry Family Food Co. Get creative with your toppings for a spin on this ultimate classic.

Get a load of these salsa-topped loaded vegan hot dogs with all the tasty toppings you can think of. These bad boys are smothered in sweet curried mustard, crispy deep fried onion rings and topped with a sweet ‘n tangy salsa.

Recipe for Loaded Hot Dogs With Curried Mustard and Fried Onion Rings

Chargrilled Sausage Paninis with Kale Pesto and Chilli Oil

Vegan Heritage Day Recipes

These much-loved, boerewors-seasoned Fry’s Braai Style Sausages bring home the taste and aroma of a true South African braai.

We are all about these saucy sausies sandwiched between toasted panini slices with chargrilled mushies and slices of vegan cheese. The addition of kale pesto and a drizzle of chilli oil makes this ultimate braai toastie truly sublime.

Recipe for Chargrilled Sausage Paninis with Kale Pesto and Chilli Oil

Tropical Burgers With Coconut Cream and Fruity Salsa

Vegan Heritage Day Recipes

Chunky and delicious with an authentic flavour and chargrilled pattern, these Fry’s Traditional Burgers go well with your favourite marinade, smoked on the braai.

Now this is an incredibly good-looking burger if we ever saw one! Move over meat, cause this patty party’s got all the stuff that dreams are made of.  Tropical fruits, a healthy bite of green chilli, combined with coconut cream makes this the most banging burger on the braai.

Recipe for Tropical Burgers With Coconut Cream and Fruity Salsa

Veggie and Pesto Romaine Lettuce Cups

vegan heritage day recipes

Fry’s Chicken-Style Burgers are fantastic on the grill: Succulent, crispy and oh-so-tasty!

This light ‘n lovely braai dish is made with Fry’s Chicken Style Burgers cut into strips, which are perfectly complemented by the fresh crunch of romaine lettuce cups, veggie slaw and punchy pesto.

Recipe for Veggie and Pesto Romaine Lettuce Cups

Enjoyed these plant-based heritage month braai recipes? Make sure you stay one step ahead of the remaining winter chill with these easy winter warmers with Fry Family Food Co.

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Frys vegan heritage day recipes

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