Easy Vegan Winter Warmers to Make at Home with Fry’s

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vegan winter warmersWhen winter rolls around, so does the craving for hearty, warming and satisfying comfort food, just the kind we love to cook. We want to be tucking into dishes that are packed with flavour and creativity – no boring soups here!

4 Easy Vegan Winter Warmers with Fry’s

We pick up four of the Fry’s Family Food range and create divine vegan winter warmers that will keep you toasty and satisfied.

Vegan Corn & Potato Chowder with Prawn-Style Pieces

vegan winter warmers

This is the reel deal! These Battered Prawn-Style Pieces are succulent treats, coated in a light and crispy batter, and perfect for a chutney or curry. Make it your catch of the day.

This dairy-free, chunky corn and potato soup is topped with Fry’s Battered Prawn-Style Pieces. This hearty soup is full of flavour and texture, with chunky potatoes, charred corn and creamy coconut milk. Pair this with some fresh warm bread for an ultra belly-warming bowl of happiness.

Recipe for Vegan Corn Chowder with Prawn-Style Pieces

Vegan Cheesy Nachos topped with Nuggets and Salsa

vegan winter warmers

Give these gluten-free Chicken-Style Nuggets, with added rice protein and chia seeds, a whirl! They go perfectly in a lunch box or on party snack platter with tomato sauce, mayo, hummus, pesto or a sweet chilli dip.

Let’s be real, nachos are fantastic all year round. But for the winter season, they make for a great meal to get stuck into on a cold day – the warm gooey cheese and spiciness are a great combo to beat the winter chill. Tuck into these crunchy nachos topped with a warm and creamy vegan cheese sauce, crispy Fry’s Rice Protein and Chia Nugget bites with fresh avocado, onions and chilli. You can also serve these as a side dish or part of your snack selection if you’re having a vegan dinner party.

Recipe for Vegan Cheesy Nachos topped with Nuggets and Salsa

Poppadums with Spicy Veg, Crumbed Chicken-style Nuggets & Coconut, Cashew & Peach Chutney

Frys vegan warmers

These delicious Chicken-style Nuggets are carefully shaped into bite-sized chunks, evenly coated with crumbs before pre-cooking. Serve with a selection of roasted vegetables for a hot meal or with spicy potato wedges and a creamy dip.

This sweet and satisfying dish pairs crispy poppadoms with a spicy mixture of aubergines, tomatoes and Fry’s Chicken-style Nuggets. Served with a creamy cashew and peach chutney for drizzling. Does that sound divine or what?

Recipe for Poppadoms with Spicy Vegetables with Crumbed Chicken-style Nuggets

Schnitzel with creamy dill sauce and dairy-free potato salad

vegan winter warmers

Try these Golden Crumbed Schnitzels and find out why they are a Fry’s family favourite. Braai them, grill them, fry them, bake them, or just pop them in the toaster! Serve with lemon drizzle or creamy mushrooms.

We love a great crispy schnitzel alongside creamy mash potatoes, on a sarmie, or even cut into strips and arranged atop a crunchy salad. This German-inspired crispy crumbed schnitzel dish is a winter favourite, they are drenched in a creamy dill sauce with a tangy potato salad infused with the flavours of stock and vinegar.

Recipe for Schnitzel with Creamy Dill Sauce and Dairy-free Potato Salad

Enjoyed these vegan winter warmers? Try some of these cool vegan Fry’s recipes for kids.

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