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Nothing says ‘festive’ more than beautifully dressed cocktails, raised glasses and an exuberant ‘Cheers!’. This festive season, ClemenGold Gin™️ is taking the stress out of hosting, with a range of punch cocktail recipes that are fit to satisfy the masses.

ClemenGold Gin™️

It’s rumoured that the word ‘punch’ derives from the English ‘puncheon’ – giant barrels previously used to transport alcohol on ships. Today, punch conjures images of celebration, and a highly sharable, oversized cocktail garnished with fresh fruit.

Add a Punch to your Cocktails

Zesty ClemenGold® mandarins are the flavour hero of this cosmopolitan Cape Dry Style gin, making it the ideal citrusy punch or cocktail ingredient for fabulous festive celebrations.

ClemenGold Gin™️

ClemenGold Gin™️ Cape Dry Style 750ml bottle allows you to be the most generous host. Treat your guests to a Negroni-style punch and zhush it up with designer ice cubes.

Negroni Punch with ClemenGold GinTM

Negroni punch recipeMakes 1.5L


150ml ClemenGold Gin™️
100ml Campari
100ml Vermouth
1L lemonade
2 ClemenGold®️ mandarins (or other citrus) sliced, charred
6 rosemary ice cubes


Mix ClemenGold Gin™️, Campari and Vermouth in a big jar with rosemary ice. Fill the jug with lemonade and stir. Garnish with the charred citrus slices.


  • To make the rosemary ice cubes, simply place sprigs of rosemary into an ice tray. Fill with water and freeze.
  • To char the ClemenGold®️mandarin slices, sprinkle with icing sugar and blister with a blow torch.

Gifting made easy

 Order your 750ml or 40ml mini party favours online for convenient home delivery.

Lastly – dress up, soak up the sun, dance, laugh and share your golden moments with @clemengold_gin!

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