DIY Farm-tastic Fridge Magnets

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This weekend’s project is something slightly quirky. These fun, and bling, animal magnets are a great way to spend a weekend and make great gifts for friends. They’re easy to put together and add a bit of interest to your fridge or kitchen.

What you will need
1 packet plastic/rubber farm animals, preferably hollow
1 can of foam sealant (we used Den Braven PU-FOAM 500®)
spray paint in your chosen colours – we used white and gold
strong magnets
strong glue (we used UniBond No More Nails®)

plastic or rubber gloves
craft knife
cardboard box for spray painting

Set up a work surface and cover with newspaper.

Cut the farm animals in half with a craft knife.

Read the instructions on how to use the foam filler product you’ve purchased and ensure you use your gloves for this part of the process.

Screw the adaptor nozzle firmly on the can of foam; hold upside down and spray inside the cut animal half. The foam expands once sprayed, so only fill up the animals 50%. Leave for 24 hours to dry. If you find yourself with some foam on your hands, use a bit of acetone or nail polish remover to take it off.

Next Day
Once the foam has dried, cut off the excess with the craft knife so that it’s flush with the animal body.

Seal the foam side with a smooth layer of strong glue – this is to prevent the spray paint from damaging the foam filling.

The next step is to spray the animals with your selected spray paint colour. If you’re in a small space, use a cardboard box and spray the animals inside to contain the paint. They might need two to three layers before they look properly covered. Leave the spray paint to dry between layers and continue to spray until you are happy with the colour and coating.

Apply a drop of strong glue to the back of a magnet and stick the magnets to the surface. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before doing this.

Voila! You’ve got yourself some awesome, if slightly bizarre looking, fridge magnets to gift to buddies, or adorn your own fridge with.
DIY Animal Magnets

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