Design (and Designer) Trends We Love

Words: Robyn Paterson

South African designers and artists are making it very easy to kit out your home with gorgeous pieces. From ceramics to artisanal candles, beautiful wall mirrors and scatter cushions, you really have no excuse to be drab. We’ve put together a list of our favourite design trends from this year (so far) and have also included some artists and designers we love.


Candles are ALL the rage right now and if you haven’t seen someone post their new candle collection on Instagram, we’re sorry, but you’re living under a rock. Artisan candles make for gorgeous and easy displays in the home and will zhuzh up a dinner party setting in minutes! We are all for aesthetic and functional design.

Here are some of our faves:

Via Wax

Sister duo, Nathalie and Laura Viruly started Via Wax during Level 5 lockdown. They wanted to bring some warmth and comfort to people’s homes. It turned out that many people were in search of that! Their candles are handmade and come in pastels and ombres with soft curves and twists. They are so stunning, you may not even want to burn them.

Melle Studio

Based in Johannesburg, Melle Studio are making hand poured dinner candles in three signature shapes — the taper, the spiral and the sphere. These candles will make your dinner table sing. Their colours range from olive, pink and the ever-trendy, chartreuse.

Okra Candle

Okra Candle has a moody aesthetic that oozes sophistication. These hand poured candles come in a myriad of shapes and you can choose from twelve different colours. From the hands of Erik and Michelle, computer aided designer and aromatherapist, Okra Candle is a feast for the senses.

Humble Jungle

Humble Jungle has a candle that will suit every mood and they have ceramic candle holders to complete the look.


Hand-made ceramics have made a huge comeback in recent years and we are loving this design trend. Ceramic pieces can be larger, more statement pieces or something functional to use everyday, like a coffee mug, vase or oil burner. Here are some incredible South African artists using this medium to create sculptures, vases, mugs and even bowls for your pooches!

Jade Paton

Jade Paton’s signature style has become well-known around design circles in Cape Town and we have a good feeling that she is on route to becoming a household name. We suggest getting one of her pieces while you still can!

Ash Ceramics

If you’re looking for functional ceramics to kit out your kitchen, Ash Ceramics is a great place to start. We love their snack plates and espresso tumblers.


Clementina Ceramics based in Woodstock are producing contemporary ceramics for your kitchen. Their coffee mugs are our favourite, with delicate rims and quirky handles.


Your pooch deserves luxury as well! Zelda Brokensha decided to prioritise furkids by making them cute eating and drinking bowls.


Mirrors and scatter cushions are easy, functional ways to add some flair to a room. Placing a  funky shaped mirror in the lounge not only makes the space appear larger but also adds some interesting lines. Scatter cushions are amazing ways to enhance a room’s colour palette or even add some contrast.

Maison Cape Town

Maison is a vintage furniture store specialising in thrifting and repurposing furniture. This year they’ve added custom designed mirrors to their offering and they are stunning. Keep your eyes peeled for their next run.

Julie Baby Punch Club

Juliw Baby Punch Club is a collective of domestic workers who are exceptionally talented with punch needles. These cushions are fun, vibrant and are a great way to support a group of women looking to supplement their income.

Feeling crafty? Try making these DIY Marbled Clay Bowls. 

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