De Krans Espresso: Your Winter Survival Pal

Words: Crush

What could be better than combining two of the things we love most – wine and coffee (in no particular order, of course). The final result of this combination is the De Krans Espresso – port and coffee all in one bottle.

De Krans Espresso

Love At First Wine

When the winemaking team at De Krans created this style of wine a few years ago,  the end result produced a wine with strong flavours of coffee beans, combined with a rich character and perceived sweetness. It has proved to be a resounding success for the team as it has become one of the popular ports in the De Krans range. And no, no coffee beans were added. The coffee taste is the result of maturing the wine in heavy toasted oak – who said winemaking was easy?

Award Winning De Krans Espresso

While the name Espresso speaks for itself, the style has definitely evolved into a more sophisticated and subtle, but unmistakable aftertaste of coffee, with an abundance of red fruit flavours.

A blend of the big five Portuguese grape varieties (Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barocca, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Roriz and Souzao), this dessert wine has a smooth palate with flavours of dried fruit, prunes and cacao.  Although  classified as a dessert wine, it is not overly sweet and stays on trend with the drier style that is synonymous with the De Krans port-style wines.

Having already won the most innovative wine at the Michelangelo awards in 2012 this wine is extremely versatile when it comes to when, where and how to drink it. A favourite in summer is to serve it chilled or with crushed ice.  In winter it is great with a crème brûlée, or other sweet desserts. Or why not try it as an Espresso Martini, perfect for summer or winter.

Mix It Up

Why not try De Krans Bistro and Deli manager, Shannon Botes’s recipe for the classic Espresso Martini

3 parts espresso dessert wine
1 espresso (cold)
1-part vodka

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, give it a good shake and then drain.

Garnish with coffee beans and enjoy!

Speaking of espresso… try making this tricky but tantalising chocolate and espresso filled domewe dare you.

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