Crush Advent Calendar Day 4 Col’Cacchio

Words: Crush

After 23 years, Col’Cacchio pizzeria has over 32 stores nationally and offers customers a dining experience of choice, health, passion and good quality food. The concept was born out of the founders desire to serve Italian-inspired food with a special focus on gourmet thin-based pizzas made from the freshest and finest ingredients.

Their menu provides a wide choice of delicious dishes and meal combinations, including over 50 pizzas, 20 salads and 20 pastas. For customers wanting the best of both, they offer their Half & Half pizzas, allowing you to try one of their listed combinations or create your own. They offer many vegetarian and vegan options (their cheese-less pizzas are winners) and the Pizza Foro range (505 or fewer calories), is ideal for health-conscious diners wanting to enjoy a tasty, guilt-free meal. All dishes are made from scratch and freshly prepared for each order – there are no shortcuts.
From gourmet pizzas and leafy green salads to gluten-free pasta, bambini delights and Banting friendly dishes – there’s really something on the menu for everyone. |Facebook | TwitterInstagram

DAY 4 QUESTION:  The Pizza _ _ _ _  range  has 505 or fewer calories and is ideal for health-conscious diners.

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