Crush Advent Calendar Day 18

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Prestige® Quality Housewares is a leading international houseware brand. Since the 1970s, it has established itself as a trusted household name in South Africa. Prestige® Quality Bakeware is tried and tested, lightweight, durable, PTFE and PFOA free. The range incorporates a Whitford Xylan food safe coating, which ensures healthier baking and outstanding release.

Since the 1970s Prestige’s focus has been on quality, reliability and affordability. Prestige updates it’s ranges regularly according to the requirements of kitchen fashion as well as the latest gadgets to make baking and cooking easier, quicker, more hygienic and FUN.

Prestige Houseware

Prestige’s range of branded kitchenware products are available from most retailers and specialised markets within South Africa as well as to many sub-Saharan African countries. Prestige continually listens to the demands of the consumer as to what they want and need in their kitchens. Prestige thrives on offering excellent service from the initiation of the product through to sales.

The brand was recently awarded the PMR Africa excellence award for a fifth consecutive year in the category best FMCG supplier of bakeware. Prestige® boasts a wide variety of versatile products, for every occasion.

Prestige Housewares

DAY 18 QUESTION: Since the 1970s Prestige’s focus has been on _ _ _ _ _ _ _, reliability and affordability.

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