Cresta’s New food Court is Designed to Suit your Lifestyle

Words: Lauren Van Zyl

With customer experience at the forefront of every design decision made, the interior design and architecture of Cresta Shopping Centre’s new food and entertainment complex has been an integral part of making this development a success. Created over three levels, Cresta’s new lifestyle space incorporates casual dining on the top floor, a sprawling fast-food court on the middle level and the diverse entertainment section, complete with an aquarium (opening soon), movie theatres, bowling, bingo and a live theatre below.

A fresh, vibrant space swathed in a colour palette of white, silver and shades of light blue, the new design is aligned with mall’s interior revamp that was completed in 2014. It is a neutral, modern design that is the ideal showcase for the different restaurants, shops and entertainment offerings.

Highlights of the interior design include the ‘racetrack’ layout, which aids the flow of foot traffic and allows shoppers and diners to find what they are looking for with ease. The food court’s central area has a subtle, nature-focused theme, complete with tall white tree motifs and toddler chairs in the shape of blue-grey elephants.
The family room, which is one of a kind in South Africa, has also been carefully designed. A space complete with a well-sized changing facility, colourful play area, as well as a kitchenette for families to heat up bottles and food, this room is a welcome escape from the buzz of the mall for both parents and children alike. Big LED screens adorn the central pillars of the food and entertainment space. From children’s television shows, to promotional messages, these screens add to the centre’s vibrant ambience.

An attraction that complements the fresh, beautiful design of the complex to perfection is the soon-to-be opened aquarium. This expansive glass-fronted tank, will be home to over 340 sea creatures, including two small sharks and an array of tropical fish. Not only a visual attraction, children and families will be able to learn more about the sea life on display.

The aquarium is located on the bottom floor of this lifestyle complex, and is visible from the other levels. Alongside the aquarium are entertainment options like Route 66 Bowling, Goldrush Bingo, state-of-the-art Ster Kinekor Cine Prestige movie theatres, as well as The Barnyard Theatre, which is a popular venue for live plays and music shows.

Cresta Shopping Centre
A multi-faceted experience, with something on offer for everyone, whether you are dining at one of the restaurants, grabbing a quick bite at the food court or taking your family to enjoy a day of food and entertainment, it is sure to be a fun-filled experience to remember. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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