Cheers to Summer – Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé

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The appeal for rosé continues to climb as high as the African sun and when summer hits, the first thing we do is check how much of the glorious stuff is in the fridge. Blushing little bottles of joy, beading with excitement and begging to be consumed.

Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé

Rosé is that easy member of the party that agrees to everything – beach, park, braai, lunch, sundowners… yes, yes, yes! We dare say you’ll find a chorus of yeses for sunrise too. So versatile is this wonderful wine that the traditional cup-o-tea might be short of a second look.

Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé

Much more than a light, refreshing summer wine with zip, rosé is about a lifestyle. It’s about long days and enviable living, trendy and accessible it’s the champagne of millennials spawning hashtags of #roseallday and #yeswayrose, but it’s not only drunk by a millennials its appeal is across the board.

Rosé All Day

Globally rosé is on a meteoric trajectory, demand driving the increase production and everyone wanting to jump on the hurtling pink wine train. As with many things en vogue, rosé’s bloom may not persist and once the infatuation subsides what will remain are the rosés of distinction, wines that stand out and make a memorable impression, wines that have craftsmanship behind them. T

These are wines that are more than a refreshing drink, we’re talking about rosés that have the calibre to pair with interesting food and make an occasion more than the sum of its parts.

Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé is crafted to achieve that status – memorable, joyful and authentic. Like poetry it celebrates the joy and highlights the natural sadness of our human condition, it eulogises the cycle of nature and blushes a romantic cherry-blossom pink. We think of it as a food friendly thought provoker.

Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé

What to expect from Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé

Beneath the top is a bouquet of crushed summer berries, black and red cherries, supported by subtle spicy tones to introduce expressive juicy berry flavours that follow through on the palate with a soft, delicious fruity finish. This all pairs wonderfully well with vibrant salads, Thai dishes and there’s not a sushi dish in town that’s not begging for a light, bright rosé. RSP: R55

Cheers to summer!

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